Currency/Token tab

we know that we are going to have a ‘‘pouch’’ that will have gold, tokens and ‘‘gems’’ (whatever they are for) this is a suggestion that will only work if we can have unlimted of the mentioned items and there isnt a limit to how many different token tabs.

Currency Tab:

this would be the pouch, i dont know how many different materials we will have the value as currency but when you get more there will be a need for a tab so you can get a clear view

Example: Guild Wars 2 wallet

this game has an insane amount of these things which needs to be gathered because legendary weapons require that you have some of these

i can mention a few of them but i dont know all of them

Gems : Cashshop currency
Gold: ingame currency
Karma: Points you get for completing events, used to buy stuff from quest givers
Laurels: Every day you could complete 5 daily quests and when you did you got a laurel, laurels could be used to buy vanity pets, high level armor pieces, dyes, so on so forth

then there comes some pvp specific points/rewards. then all of the crafting mats.

Its not neccesarily the case that this will happen, but its a nice way to put it up in case it happens.

Token Tab:

this is actually awfully simple. again this can only be done if the amount of tokens and amount of different tokens we can carry is unlimited.

its also simple. although i cant really find a system that have done it so i have a neat picture

imagine this, every token would go into the grid and it would be scrollable, so you could just scroll down to more tokens, the grid wouldnt show like this just expand whenever you add more tokens to it, you can then hover over the token and see how many you have, so you see a token and a number under it so if i have 2 its a small 2, if i have 100 its a small 100. so on, hovering over it i can see the name of it,

i would imagine different types of tokens, the beacon tokens, guild tokens and personal token. so i might have 2 ''Player token of ‘‘Squidgy’’ and 10 ‘’ Guild token of ‘‘Fire talon’’ etc, and lastly if we have a search feature it is simple and easy to use.

again, this is only if we have alot of currencies and unlimted tokens we can carry. if not then the idea cant be used for much xD

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I would like having copper silver gold as the main currency, oort shards for special enchantment or magical weapons (maybe redeemable at vendors) and maybe another currency from dungeons. It would be cool to require more than just playing the market and selling goods to get better gear with your gear, this way you would have to work for end game.

its doubtful that there are going to be vendors just so you know, since there wont be npc’s

Oh there won’t? Dangit, I mean maybe in a worlds capital there could be a shrine you put your materials in and get an item out of. There could be different recipes.

true. they mentioned gold as their main currency, but that is also kinda undecided still. but i completely agree with you, if anything there should be copper, silver and gold rather than just gold, it tends to get pretty overwhelming when you only have gold.

The numbers go up so high if its not a combination of currency. I like it when gold seems harder to get, rather than shelling out several thousand “gold” for a newbie weapon.

atleast quote the whole thing herp derp xD

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I played the closed beta to tera waaay back, they originally only had gold, but they quickly realised that high level items cost 300 000 gold coins and that it was kinda stupid. so they had to remake it into the standard copper, silver and gold system.