Current planet lists

anyone have or know where to find the current planet lists for boundless has all the information you need!
Also note that you can visit all planets, no matter what server they are on.


yes, thank you

Those Planets seem way out of date. Not any one of those names i encountered in my game, and same for the other way round.

That list is accurate for the current set of planets - I’m wondering if you’re looking at a different set of names for them? Remember any off hand?

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Yes, i have´:
Dor III A / Placid Lush World
Bominoruta / Rugged Lush World
Marvoni (Where Aquatopia is, but there is no one there) / Placid Lush World
Omegasus V / Inhospitable Lush World

No Planets otherwise, not lava, not toxic, not elemental worlds

Those planets were on the 1.0 prerelease test server. You might want to check your Steam beta settings, it may need to be changed.

It’s strange though, I thought they took the test worlds down, so you shouldn’t be able to access them at all…are you able to actually enter the world or are you stuck in the Sanctum?

Yes that is the Test universe list. So @Wullehullu switch back to the default (Steam->Boundless->Properties->Betas->None)

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fffffffffffffffffff*ck, really? i had beta enabled for ages, since EA release or so. didnt know this would affect the game. thanks a lot for that. but i wont be able to transfer my progress to the actual worlds, will i?

Nope, it’s a brand new universe with 1.0. We all started over :slight_smile:

i just changed it. have to start a whole new character…yes. nice.
But i started over just 4 days ago when i started the game after 1.0 release…f that

it f*cks me up a bit, that devs couldnt just turn the testing servers offline after the release. id’ve really appreciated not grinding for 4 days in total vain…

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Why should they turn the tests servers offline? When release 1.0 hit, they should not test future patches or what? The harsh truth is, that it wasn’t devs nor anyone else beside you that turned the beta’s on in steam client :frowning:

Yea, i guess the truth hurts…
Anyways thanks so much for the info. Playing on Live server and it feels much smoother to play. I guess Test server still has some bugs that live doesn’t anymore.
Finally i can finish the tasks that require other people -_-

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Also you can look there: