Daily boundless newspaper?

I want the devs to create a “newspaper” on the forums. Name what they want it to. there would be boundless player submitted comics and news of developments in the forums/boundless. it would also talk about new exos and other stuff


This sounds like more of a player driven idea to me. I think we members of the community should start a boundless newspaper, talk about developments of cities (like a daily spotlight), what exos are active, who has scheduled streams, have a meme/comic section, feedback on testing servers, and speculation on upcoming anouncements.

I know @the-moebius tried to start one once called “aquazine” or something like that. I think it mostly lived on the aquatopia discord though.

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Call it The Daily Grind lol :joy:

Headline: New Exo spotted! Is it Umbris, is it Rift? Turn to pg. 4 to find out more!

Sports: Dodge Ball tournament scheduled for Sunday at 1PM

Community: Check out Paka’s new public mines! More on pg. 11

Weather: Holiday event blizzard finally ends! What does the weather look like for this weekend? Pg. 14

World News: American players still have connection issues with European servers most evenings. Is a VPN right for you? More on pg. 16


The devs don’t have the time to do this they so busy


I will be looking to do this in some form. Stay tuned. :wink:

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Love it hahah!

I’ll try my hand at some comics or hand drawn memes :laughing:


Best. Newspaper. Name. Ever. :laughing: :joy:


i was actually toying with that idea too! ( And still am!)
I’m a graphic designer by trade so i would love to put some effort into it if the community would like such a thing.

But daily seems a bit to much, maybe monthly?
What would you like to see in said newspaper?
Player/Build spotlights?
Commercials to stores/communities?
Planet spotlights?
Player interviews?

Also it would be nice to work with people together on this if you would like to join in on the fun, don’t hesitate to contact me!

I probably could get one PDF done by the end of the month.


Twitter. …

Not to shatter the dreams, as i allways like to see fan made Things. But there were allready 2? trys to do this in the past years and they silently vanished.
So best of luck for you in any case. It is a fun idea, but Needs so much time each day.

Yeah weekly or monthly would be more feasible

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Probably monthly, but above all else it’d have to be fun for you. There is never a shortage for content to go into a newspaper, maybe there is someone you could team up with who loves journalism and writing so that you could focus on the graphic design part?

Pakas photography needs a section too! She goes all over taking amazing screenshots of peoples work!


@Trickyy90 @RogueOp @Krollbar
Is there something growing here guys or just wild speculation? :smiley:
Would be nice if each had their own “section” in the magazine. Dedicated to something they love about the game could be anything!
And yes Monthly, so we don’t feel pressured, it doesnt even have to be exactly monthly, more or less!
I would be definetly be down to designing the template/cover/overall look of the project and then filling it in

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I absolutely love the idea, and would love to be a part of it.
Only problem is my free time is limited and varied. So I couldn’t commit to anything, i will however contribute if and when I can :slight_smile: would definitely love to see something come of this!


Here are direct link to topic of aquazine.

This was fun and cool thing, I hope players would do something like this again :smiley:


Totally doable. There is no shortage of people who want to contribute, or things worth writing about =)

To avoid burnout:

  1. Start small. Set a personal goal to do perhaps 6 monthly editions?

  2. Don’t set the bar too high. Something that looks ‘meh’ to you may look amazing to us! We are often overly critical of ourselves.

  3. Share the load. You don’t want a fun project to become a grind lol.

  4. Reach out! If anything, I anticipate it’ll be more difficult to filter out what should go in next month vs this month’s edition than it will be to find content.

  5. Adapt. If the project is fun but monthly is too much, you can always go bi-monthly or something.

Also real life happens. Perhaps you will randomly find yourself building an actual log cabin in real life with a friend? Who knows, but it’d be better to put this on hold for a week or two than to drop it. This is gonna be great!


I had been giving this some thought before it was posted, and always been toying with an idea to “publicize” what was going on the the Boundless worlds. And the main draw for me in the game is the exploration part. And those things seemed to go hand in hand.

I’m not new to designing magazines as i have done so before ( more like Zines, the smaller format). Nothing published but something i like to do when i have material that lends itself to it.

With your info i was thinking along the lines of this maybe i can make dedicated post asking if people have an “article” they want to share with the rest, and have them write the text and provide screenshots and i would work it into a magazine. Wich should leave the work verry devided and verry managable. A few articles could span well over 15 pages with screenshots included. And would leave me being able to focus on just putting it all together coherently.


I would certainly be up to discussing ideas and a way to make it happen. I’m sure we all only have a limited amount of time to work on this so teaming up makes sense to me. DM me and we can set something up as well as anyone else interested in helping out. Like someone else said, we can start small, set some manageable goals and keep it fun. Once it becomes work, that’s where projects like this can falter and fade out. Cheers!

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If anyone else is interested in helping out with this in any form with whatever time you have to give please post your interest and what area(s) you would like to help out in if you have a preference. You can also DM myself or TrueLost as well so we can put together a list of people to get this up and running. Thanks.

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