Damn you other players!

Everytime I startup Boundless to go do some serious work I always end up looking at all those magnificent creations, cities, shops etc that you have made. I never get anything done!


I know the feeling. It gets me started on new projects before I even finish the first one I start :joy:. Have a base on mc rib I have to finish(machines coils and some storage set up already but no where near done), a vault that I have to finish. Frame and main floors done. Guild street needs to be chiseled and walls type changed. Guild gate needs to be built. My base there needs to be demod and rebuilt. And somehow I have to fit mining and stocking a shop in there some place :sweat_smile:


Lol there’s plenty to do right? I just needed to go buy some compactor coils and I just got lost in these cities, and the shopping malls. Everything is really unique and incredibly beautiful and creative.