Dangerous Creatures - Concept (charger v1)

Hi guys,
here some concepts for one of the Dangerous Creatures in our character list.
That one in particular is a “charger type” and is suppose to charge and trample the enemies if molested (a bit sensitive the guy :D)
I’m working on some alternative shapes at the moment and i’ll post as soon as they are done.
As usual let us know your thoughts and exciting ideas :slight_smile:


Awesome keep up the work :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like the Hippo-Hammer-Thing :smiley: (Nr. 10)

These look great, keep up the awesome work. :wink:

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my favourite is definitely the 14th one ^^ great work!

I love 4, 12 and 14 they look like they can really kick some butt :wink:

I have to say they look really weird in my opinion xD

but favorites would be 16 and 14 for me :smiley:

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I’m particularly fond of 3, 7, 13, and 14.

I think my favorites are 11 and 1. One has that armadillo look. Maybe he can go all Sonic on people when angry, that’d be fun.

But weird is good right? Right?

Anyway i like all of them with a preference for number 14. Though think number 8 would be more fitting somewheer else as it looks less like a trampler and more like some ghecko like thingy.

14 & 16 get my vote as well.

#15 reminds me of someone from The Lion King. :grinning:

I´d love to see 15 in a thick forest biome. This tree trunk snout is a pretty unique idea, would be a shame to not implement this version of “boar”.

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I really like 4, 12 and 14

Omg coudl you try doing some elevations, plans and end elevations of them? please. They all look amazing aswell

my fav is the last one

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4, 6, 9, and 10 look really cool.

Number three kinda looks like it wears a chef hat…
I need it to feed me pancakes. :mouse:

Favourite: Nr. 12
Great work!

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+1 for number 14 and 16 :slight_smile:

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Im sorry but 12 looks sooo stupid in the face id kill it so the other creatures dont :laughing: but seriously they all look good, hope to see some in the game in the future, 16 is my fav

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9 is best by far

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