Dangerous Creatures - Concept (ranger v2)

Hi guys,
as promised, some new concepts for the ranger creature. No crazy chickens this time I’m sorry :smiley:
Still playing with shapes and combination for stimulate ideas.


Yes! Excellent!


This is much more something i would personally like to see ingame, 1 and 4 are genius, and 7 would be amazing as a ‘‘boss’’ type monster sine a line based ground smash seems a bit strong for a normal creature (in my eyes XD)

2 ls something straight out of a nightmare and 3 looks like a derpy dragon, 5 seems a bit too artificial in my eyes, i know they will be square ish, but i thnik the perfectly symmetric part on top of its head looks a bit out of place

gj as always guys.


YES Derpy Dragon :laughing:

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i like the typo

Favorites: 2, 5, & 7. Keep up the good work!


The only one I don’t see as a danger is the second one the other are scary :scream:

7 for sure:D

3,4, and 7 are a must. :open_mouth:

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1, 3, 7 look promising

1,2,3,7 are awesome!

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Love all of them, especially Nr 2.
As @Zouls already said, Nr. 7 should probably be a bigger class creature. (If the creature is not that big its “spikes” will most likely also only be 1-2 blocks high. Thus meaning that its spikes could either be blocked by a 1-2 block high wall or would have to “flow” over possible obstacles, both rather inappropriate solutions in my opinion.)

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why don’t the creatures come in a few classes, so in every herd you will find betas and alphas, now if you tame the alpha the rest will follow, if you tame a beta they won’t follow.

now for passive creatues.

if you attack a passive it will attack you obviously but the Alpha will also auto target you in this case lets pretend they were all passive in the pic above, 7 is the alpha and there will be something that looks like 7 but it will be different more horns or something. if you attack 7 he will obviously attack but the betas won’t as you are a challenger and if you beat the alpha the rest will follow, but if you attack a beta the alpha will come at you for killing his herd but if you kill in this case the rest will not follow you

hopefully that makes sense.

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The second, the fifth and the last one are super. Especially the second and the last one are cool cuz they have no simple projectiles, which is something I like.

Hope to see some of them ingame later :wink:

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1 looks like a bad fart, 2 is like that one pokemon or a smoker from left for dead, 3 has projectile drool, 4 is probably an angry janitor, 5 is the flute ninjas cousin aka the flute shaman, 6 needs dental floss to get things out of his shell, and 7 needs a tissue made of metal cause that’s a big sneeze. Overall I like 4 and 7.

Each concept makes me even more excited for more creatures to be put into the game. Overall I wouldn’t mind any of the creature concepts shown so far, but favorites for this one are 1, 4, and 7.


I know you have talked about 4 types (5 with titan) of protectors. so we will have 2 ‘‘types’’ of creatures and 4 types of protectors then?

I’d go for 7 also. But how will the attack shards or earthquake move blend into the landscape? When I see texture blending, I believe that could be done too. Somehow : |

I am absolutely in love with that last one, absolutely Awesome!
Wouldn’t want one if those near your house haha.
The first one is also totally Amazing!


1,3,7 for SURE

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