[Daramma Virgosa] --[T7 - Savage Rift Exoworld]--

This! And a loot stick because you dont always know when you’ve hit one.

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Nice place to grapple and swing around…:grin::joy:

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So there is no real point to going to these as they are already stripped.
Good to know.
Will save my coin.

I was just mining and still getting some nice seams - it is down about a third right now on the rift total, but there are a lot of small pockets scattered around… those are probably going to be the best bet now. There are several large pockets and those have some serious damage now… but even then, try the extremes on the alt range, go down to around 25 and up to 45-50. Also sometimes right along the edges of the hotspots gets missed.

I think you talk like a professional rift miner these days :smiley:

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Hehe thanks! :smile: Wait til I get going on my Umbris spawning theories again… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(I’ve put some stuff on the board before about it, but I actually do mine for gems IRL, one of my main hobbies outside of gaming, but haven’t been able to do it recently because of the virus. :frowning: So have to get all my fix in the game now, haha. But here, I’ll share a pic of a real rough sapphire along with my game loot here! :wink: )


Is there no Regeneration in exo planets?

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No, afraid not. :frowning:

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Bombs bad! Destroy seams :sob:

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If it helps I got killed by my own summoned gleambow yesterday…

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For anyone who may be interested - Illuminaughty (iLLn) has an “exo-info-shuttle” channel in discord now.

This can be used to discuss exo locations, info, and questions, ride requests, ride offers/invites, etc.

If you want to join the channel, you can join iLLn’s discord (I hope) with this link:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I will probably post this on each exo’s forum page (only once) for a while, just so people know about it. It’s not intended as any sort of “guild advertisement,” nor is it at all intended to replace the forums or the exo shuttle guild/chat in-game - just to be another helpful resource for anyone who wants/needs a more reliable/responsive chat.

I hope that others may find this helpful as well. :smiley:

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I desperately want this GROWTH - has anyone found a better location for it than the singles, by any chance? Please let me know, if so - I’d be so grateful! Thank you! <3

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