Dark Berry Gleam on Angel I

Anyone find a location for Dark Berry on Angel I yet?.

I just recently moved my main base back to Angel where I started the game. When refining some gleam I noticed the gleam colour on Angel and would really like to find a source for it.


Dang! Too bad gleambows dont fall on tier 1 planets!
Unfortunately there are absolutely no gleam locations on Angel.


Hey there! Code Gleam has a spot set up for every color on the permanent planets I believe. However, Angel I - Dark Berry may be one of those that are single or double blocks only. So to really farm it effectively you’ll need some Regen bombs.

Not sure the best path to Code Gleam from where you are, but they have portals set up In a lot of places. Portal Seekers maybe?

Take a look around your nearest city, and if you can’t find them I can try to get you directions.

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Even one block works for me!! Never even thought about checking you guys!! Will be there tonight… thanks :pray:

Unfortunately it doesn’t spawn on Angel 1. Every planet has assigned colors for each block but not every planet has a spawn for the block.

Unless there is 1 tucked away somewhere that hasn’t been found yet lol

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Have the devs confirmed this?? Seems kinda silly to have a colour show but it’s not available on the planet.

Ahh… that may be true…

Still, if you’re looking for a specific color, Code Gleam has the Regen farms set up.

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Not sure but so far no one has seen gleam on certain planets

Thanks. But unless the devs confirm that it actually doesn’t spawn on Angel, my OCD may actually cause me to take some work holidays and shred the whole planet to find it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Wpuld be hreat if they did, would give access to those perm planet gleam color that to not have any atm.


On a side note, didn’t the snowball event spawn meteors on the lower tiers??? I seem to remember getting meteors on Maryx and Phem??

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Well good luck. If you do happen to find some new spawning circumstance please let me know! Lol

For example one of the latest exos spawned gleam underneath soil, first time I personally saw that. Who knows, it could actually be 1 block embedded deep beneath the surface. (Unless someone already datamined the planet and found 0)

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There are a few gleamless worlds

Yea the christmas event gave us ice on low tier planets that had no ice before. If they did that for gleam this year that would be amazing :grin:


Dam… now I really have to try and find it :rofl:… I feel like I will be spending the rest of my boundless days hunting for this gleam.

I hope there is someone that can data mine the planet to ease my upcoming misery. Lol

Please don’t :joy: i have a feeling u will not find it lol. Better off buying gleambow dark berry or waiting for an exo with it

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Lol… too late!! Only a dev or data miner can save me now!!


And that was Aragorn’s last words. No one has seen them since.


If you’re going all-out, add Trior to your list!


I can rest assure you that Angel I does not have any gleam… I’ve been living on that planet since almost launch date and been all over that planet with no gleam in sight :frowning: