Dark gleam


Is there a type of gleam that gives light to only 1 block away?


I would guess black is your best bet. I doubt any reach a 1 block minimum.


Gleam poles and beams all have a very small light radius, even for the bright tints.


The Plaza in Iconicsberg has 4 peices of black gleam in the floor pattern. Go check it out.


Blacks and shadow colors would be your best bet. As stated above the gleam poles/beams and led blocks dont really glow but they emit light in their one block.


Does anyone have black gleam for sale?


I think it’s super rare and only came from the Gleambow event (so far)

I would love to have an EXO show up with black gleam, foliage, & glowcaps :black_heart:


Bummer :frowning: guess I’ll have to find something close


If anyone has black gleam for sale please PM me


Exo select had some but you gotta ask urban for the price


Is he on the forums?


There is a current dark-ish gleam on one of the Exos, no? Togome or what it was named?

Edit: Not “Black” but “Dark Turquoise”. Still a very gloomy one with low light.


unfortunately no. and even black gives light much further. but it gives very dimmed light so its as @Orrian said. this is ur best bet :wink:


I think I’ve got about 15 might be hard to let go of though


No worries, totally understandable. I can try to find an alternative


What if you were to put a block of gleam down, then a block of dark glass over it? Would that dim up the gleam or cancel it out?


Think this would be the case. But if it just dimmed it, that would actually be a pretty interesting feature for dark glass.


I fully agree!


LED blocks look bright but don’t light the surrounding.


Yeah, I need something that will light a block one or two away but be almost non visible in a dark room for displays. I am expanding my planetarium on alnitans