Day and night cycle too short

Dear all,

I get the feeling that the day and night cycle is too short. On some servers you have a lot of shadow places.
To really be able to explore and see the true beauty of landscape it needs to be day time. It’s annoying me a bit, that day is so short. At night I really need to wait to travel on, because I can’t see where I go… to be honest, at the moment while I am exploring, I’d really like to completely turn off the night…

Will the day/night cycle stay forever like this? What do you guys thing? or make the night much brighter, so you can see the environment as well :slight_smile:

You can turn the night of! Press ctrl and 1-9 at the same time to set the time! The chosen time will never stop until you relog

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im pretty sure night lasts a thrid of day time

I think @james said the night/day duration was 12 minutes for both.
Everything can and might be changed before Boundless goes to 1.0 so what duration would you suggest?

how about different per world, and time of in game year.

General Time Settings

1st Season days are 70% night, 30% day
2nd Season days are 50% night, 50% day
3rd Season days are 30% night, 70% day

Server Bonuses

Tier 1 = 15% more daytime
Tier 2 = 10% more daytime
Tier 3 = 10% more night time
Tier 4 = 15% more night time

etc if you see where im heading


For the start it would surely be good if you could set all these things, and maybe more, in the world builder.

And it would still have things to improve on for post 1.0/2.0 releases^^

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just edited original post

I still think you should just set things in the world builder and not on a tier/season basis.

Thanks for your answers. I’m amazed how activ this community seems to be :smile:
That I can change time myself at the moment was pretty good hint.

Well at the moment it feels like day and night time change of every 10 - 15 minutes. Feels a bit weird. But probably everyone likes different. I would like to have day time of 30 - 60 minutes. But Night time should be an equal time. I guess that’s just fair… Plus you can create nice events just possible via night oder daytime.

Think of an guild attacking another with special tactics or tools the make vision for defenders more difficult. That’s just some mind game, but 15 minutes for such an attack, would be quit short.

Or you can fight against some NPC that just spaws during nighttime somewhere. 15 minutes to find and fight it, seems quite short.


I like the seasons but as agrassive creatures are not restricted to nighttime I don’t think that night should change based on tiers

I hope in the future all creatures will be diurnal or nocturnal so the nighttime duration will also affect them.

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Yeah that would be cool. But as agrassive creatures exist in both time periods the fact htta it is night won’t necesarily make the game harder, just different.


certain creatures get a 10% increase in damage at night could also be a thing

Or maybe they get a bonus if they attack you from behind, and they are hard to spot in the darkness.
I’m not so much a fan of increased stats because cookie^^

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but vanilla chocolate chip cookies are nice

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If other creatures gets buffs at day I would be cool with it.

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For the duration I would like to have it as an option as a world builder, but a “normal” world should have about 1h per circle, (30 mins day, 30 mins night) … To have creatures that are more active or powerful during day or night is a good idea :wink:

wow, I never knew that. Has this feature always been there?