Death Penalty Now


I predicted the speedy xp would get nerfed a bit. Lets see what death penalty feels like now. If it needs some balance at higher levels or not. Almost no one agreed with me that it was to hurtful at higher levels because a lot of people were spamming bombs or blocks.

Not questioning if there should be a penalty. Just balance the % of higher levels to something not so punishing. Your not getting 5500 xp per blast now, and filling the skyline with aimless blocks spamming xp. Or blowing cuts across an entire planet with chisel marks.


Could always make the Epic Skill lower the penalty to 75% reduction or 90%.


I’m not sure I understand completely how death penalty works? Also I’ve seen people saying “I have xyz penalty” how do you see exact number? I couldn’t figure it out :thinking:


It pops up on the screen when you first get the penalty, something to the effect of “8000xp penalty” written in purple to the right of the screen.


wow, I’ve never noticed that :frowning: though I always read that stuff (obviously not as always as I think :smiley: ).
It would be nice to have a number somewhere after that.

Also if I have figured it out correctly half of earned XP goes to paying penalty and half still goes to XP?


Well still don’t mind it even at lvl50+, I have the debuff a lot because, well I don’t really care about dying and the XP, it comes with playing the game but is not my main Focus :slight_smile:


At level 50+ I would not care either. but until I get there I care a lot. Currently as a mid-30 character, it slows my getting xp to get the skills I want, and keeps me from hunting as that is a likely way to die. If it was easier to get the xp then I probably would not care.


I think the penalty is pretty good (as in: feels like a real penality). Died 3 times today, debuff stayed for a good while.


It didn’t matter to me before lvl50 either. I am just annoyed to be re-spawned away from my place of death, because I need to track down the mob that killed me and get my revenge. :smirk:


Is it just me or is the inability to read tooltips on the buffs and debuffs annoying? I’d love to be able to see more details about my death penalty so i know how long it’s going to be to get rid of it.


I guess i’m just an odd fellow but i don’t feel any compulsion to actively work towards leveling.

I set a small goal for my playtime such as gathering x types of items whether it be mob drops or resources. Ive died plenty of times and I’ve got YouTube videos to prove it lol.

Some nights i play for awhile and get several levels, others i derp around getting almost no xp. My time in either case is just as enjoyable regardless of how my xp meter fills.

Just my semi random thoughts on the matter.


Yeah it annoys me too.


Well for all those that could care less about leveling or making xp, this thread isn’t for you. Even mid 20’s death peanlty is like 2600, which is doable. Hit 30 and its 8000k.

@Spoygg basically you only make half the xp as you would normally, for next 8000 points. Which feels like 16,000 points total because your doing it at the half xp rate.


As for the ammount of the penalty, for anyone wondering, it’s flat 10% of what you need for next level.

And for the topic as @CreativeWorlds mentioned maybe the deah penalty epic skill could use a little buff to make it more appealing, even though it already reduces the death penalty to 5% of the needed xp for next level.


Oh wow exp penalty for death? Naaaasty. That’s some 1996 logic right there. Always hated games with an exp penalty for death because it discourages trying fun new things for sake of staying “safe”.

Really surprised to see an exp penalty here.



Nevermind there is teaching food giving XP bonus, countering the Penalty already.


it does beat the old death penalty. in pre-1.0 the death penalty was the removal of durability from every piece of equipment in your inventory. there was a skill to completely negate that, but it was basically mandatory. if you died 3-4 times your equipment would have 0 durability and if you were carrying more than one of each tool, well, that just ruined your day.


yea it is better than losing tools.