Deco ice?

It’s ice + glacier + rock salt, I’m guessing it takes its colour from the ice?

Also, does anyone know if it acts like ice underfoot?

It takes it colour from Ice, remember you can transform chisel Glacier into Ice (so more colours open up there)

It acts just like regular Ice in regards to it’s physics.

It also only changes the appearance of the sides of the blocks, so if you are putting them in the floor, the only benefit will be more prestige (I’m guessing) :slight_smile:

And @Trickyy90 has a shop selling Deco Ice at Golda Nova on Trung I believe?


Well there goes that idea!

Thank for the heads up :+1:

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Also can solidify water on planets that have no ice to get those colors as well :wink:


Got lots of deco ice up at Nova Golda :slight_smile: Some of the fuschia too from the lovestruck exo
They do only have patterns on the vertical sides, but they’re rather pretty still. And I’m pretty sure they do still act like ice under foot!

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Transforming the glacier from the exos gets a darker color set, potentially. I have dark red deco ice using the transformed glacier from an Umbris exo.