Decorative Crafting Epic

There are epic skills to reduce spark cost for tools, weapons and tech. There’s even a generalized Efficient Crafting Epic to reduce overall fuel costs. But, for all I know, none of these decrease the spark cost of making blocks in general (Decorative blocks, compacted blocks, etc). Can we have an epic skill to provide a further reduction in spark cost for blocks? And can the Efficient Crafting Epic include reduce costs for blocks as well?


This could be good but I think spark cost might be balanced around such a skill not existing, I would hate to see it added and have spark costs go up because of it.

The intent being that you could specialize as a crafter of building materials specifically instead of a crafter of other things. I guess I’m making a broad assumption that at some point we’ll have another level of decorative recipes for which we’ll need a decorative epic to give us that next level.