Decorative Crops lasting less than 2 weeks?

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I am trying to fix our communication and solve the problems between us. You can assume my good intent instead of making comments like you just did. It doesn’t help build trust between either of us. If you want to keep that public comment about having a vendetta against me then fine… but I was really just trying to understand.

Either way, I did clarify that I missed the part about prestige and the context you were trying to convey.

After playing with plants in test I decided against using them in live for many of the reasons above and also if I am using them then it would have been nice to have a row of plants all at the same stage of growth, instead with the rng I had a mixture of small mature and dead even fertilizing everyday.

I agree I have enough chores in boundless I do not need more. So another add that might just be ignored by a large segment of the player base.


Let’s say I’m a builder and have gleam club. I like to build for others to discover and look at.

What I don’t like is constant maintenance on a decorative item.


The thing is the “prestige plant” is not a decorative item. It is a prestige buff that happens to look pretty and add decoration. So for that buff to stay it needs maintenance.

Now the balance of that maintenance might be off as well as they might have made a poor decision to let it die by chance. But either way it is for “prestige” at the root reason for its existence.

We can ask @lucadeltodecso - Why does the Prestige Plant have a RNG effect causing it to die even with fertilizer is being applied. Is there a way to not do this and only allow it to die if the fertilizer is not applied?

I would also suggest that the plant not wither so it can be used for decorative purposes but still have a maintenance aspect for adding prestige.


I’ve planted some to see how it looks and works. They look nice! Not worth the effort to keep them like that tho so if they wither, then that’s the end of it…


OK how about this. If you do not fertilize the plant you do not get prestige but the plant does not wither? Make the timer a prestige timer that times out unless you refertilize the plant.


That sounds perfect to me.

How about a preserving substance of some kind that you apply like fertilizer but it stops the plant from progressing and removes it’s prestige value? That way you can have decorative stuff at any stage and it introduces a bit of a material cost to do so.


I think in order for this to work then the seeds would have to be a MUCH rarer drop chance or crafting cost. I think it’s brilliant that they have created a use/value for several items that had previously next to no value whatsoever (rice, oats and basic flowers) and have created another item worth collecting from exos if they happen to be a nice colour.

Otherwise seeds are just going to accumulate in storage, they will become valueless, no doubt people are going to end up planting massive fields of the things just because they can and once again rice and oat become as valueless as plain old earthyams once were prior to the addition of smoothies.

I would like them to be a feature of a build that I can proudly show off and everytime I stroll past it I can say to myself “yeah that’s right people! Stop, stare, admire and be jealous of my urine yellow Ornamental Oortweed highlighted in the finest Serpenserindi gleam!” And when it withers and dies… I will simply plant another one and eagerly wait for it to grow into it’s full glorious mature state!

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I am going to use them to help judge whether a plot owner has been around in the past 4-6 weeks, so there is that…

Edit: also, they last 3 ticks, which “averages” 4 weeks based on their tick chance… but it also means that they can very realistically die inside a 3 day cycle ingame if all the odds are against that little plant. C’est la vie.

Yeah well you come and say “I don’t understand” while I spent a long post explaing the WHY, and like you said, you missed the very clearly spelled-out part about prestige not being the important factor.
How do you want me not to be annoyed?

Is that so hard to understand that most players play video-games to not have extra-chores?

The main part of the game is building. You don’t have to repair your blocks all the time (thank god for that), you just have to fuel the beacon.
That’s almost the single part of the game that’s actually REALLY enjoyable.

Again, I’m sorry, but chores like having to farm oortstones in hunts, at least to me, it’s BORING as heck, you have no idea how much.
From the deepest parts of my heart, I HATE having to go on hunts to maintain my stuff, and I wish there was someone who finds that fun who would do it for me.
But I do it, and I’m throwing bombs to heal people or using a forged golden fist I made myself to help out, I’m not sitting on my hands over there. But it’s still SO all-encompassingly boring. It’s so boring that I’d rather watch the first three X-Men movies. Yes, that bad.

Building is the ONE thing that you should want to spend time on. But if you gotta stop building every so often to do your in-game chores all the time, making sure that stuff isn’t falling down, like portals, beacon fuel and all the other things I already mentioned twice in this thread, you have less fun.
The devs should spend more time on making sure that we’re spending time having FUN.

And you wanna make me believe that you find it fun to produce high-octane fertilizer, and to run around your place to water your flower every single fracking day to make sure they stay alive as long as possible?!

Sorry. Had to say it.
Testing 226: Ornamental Crops!
Release 227: Decorative Crops!
The advertisement 100% says otherwise.
Your argument is invalid.

↑ Now that statement, however, sounds valid. ↑

Or more simply : put fertilizer, the plant adds prestige to the beacon area for a fixed period of time, let’s say 4 weeks if you have the skills or whatever. NO FREAKING RNG. There should not be RNG in such a feature. Imagine if you put fuel and your beacon and the duration of the fuel was RNG-based. God no.

During that period, the plant will glow, and it will get slightly bigger.
Don’t use fertilizer, you get no prestige (or maybe the minimal amount like any other plant), and it won’t glow or get bigger.

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Regarding medium grade, I sprayed mine with mulch and it said “low grade”. Seems like if you combine both on one plant you might get “high grade”?

Regarding RNG @Goblinounours it seems that the devs have added RNG into quite a few systems in the game, I suppose it is most likely by choice / design. Some people including myself enjoy it, some people detest it and others are insistently ambivalent. It seems that pleasing all the people all the time is even beyond their ability unfortunately

Depends in which systems, though.
I’m never gonna say that RNG during PvE content like hunts is bad.

But RNG should stay the heck away from my garden.


I think they are pretty fun.

They are cheap to make, so if they die whatever. Also, if they die and I don’t replant them immediately…it doesn’t matter…since they have pretty much zero impact on any real build prestige wise.

But it is fun when you go into a little area and they are all grown and pretty :slight_smile:

They are a fun little thing to do with my extra crops.

With that said…because I think they are pretty. I am down for them lasting longer :slight_smile: hehe But I don’t think the design is all doom and gloom at all.

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Maybe because I still didn’t fully understand the view point in the bigger context or something else. In this case I was rushing to read it because I had to leave the house. It was my mistake to make a quick post with someone that I am not on best terms with. So I understand it might have annoyed you but I had truly hoped that the first part of my post - “I feel the pain… I really do.” would allow you to give me a little slack to maybe not speak perfectly. Clearly either you are too frustrated with the change or still don’t trust me enough.

You try not to because I have more than a few times in this forum for the past week explained I am trying to work with people and get on better terms. I have showed humility and said I’m sorry and a lot of other things to show that I’m not trying to be rude or difficult. How much can be said of every other member of the community? I have rarely seen people say sorry back or say “yes let’s try to fix the issues between us.”

So you say to yourself, “hey he is trying, so let me try a bit and even if he pushed a button that annoyed me, let me give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t mean to. Let me try to word my statements in a kinder and more compassionate way somewhat to see if he will still take another step forward to solve the issues between us.”

Actually you didn’t – see above. This is why the communication will be stressed and stay stressed. We have to each meet half way to create trust and clean up the communication.

Back to the post…

I assume your frustration with my comment is that you read the statement above from James. Yes people should ask @James or the Developers why they uses the word decorative and prestige in the same sentence. Are they saying that both “decoration” and “prestige” benefits are linked to death unless fertilized.

If that is true then we clearly need to tell them via a suggestion post that we want “decoration” without death and not linked to “prestige.” I completely agree based on the text James said that the design is messed up in this way. I don’t see “decoration” as enough benefit to have a death cost to it based on time.

I can understand how considering the situation my comment would seem invalid. It is in the context of where you are coming from. The only reason I mentioned it is because of how I look at the situation and how I have decided to define the Developers in this game - any time there is a benefit (especially to prestige) there will be a cost. They’ve show this trend and mindset clearly in a variety of features. So I look deeper into the statements they make and the actions they take. This means I took these 5 crops and 100% defined them by the “prestige” aspect and not “decoration.” If I was in my “builder” mindset like you are (since you create awesome builds) we likely would have said the same thing because I would have taken that sentence with “decoration” as the key word. But, I was in my developer mindset…

One more thing about me and many people I know and the generation and country I grew up in - When a person shows humility and acknowledges they did something wrong, you don’t say, “yeah you did” and slap them in the face with it. That is not a threat but I am being clear I don’t appreciate those type of statements after I make comments like that.

Why are we having this discussion which has nothing to do with the topic here or the game and not using PM?

Considering that “more extreme” versions of non-relevant posts or making fun of people are allowed to happen by many people in this forum without moderation, I figured it might be ok since I was explaining things still related to the topic in this thread.

Some of it is personal in nature but still relates directly to the discussion. Mostly it is to continue the discussion in a way that does not create conflict… Communication about the point of this topic cannot happen if each part isn’t hearing the other. This helps solve it so people can move forward in the discussion.

Plus since some other people might not understand the perspective of a person it never hurts to have a public explanation of why the person said what they did especially when they were challenged. It helps people understand and hopefully lowers conflict later on.

the plants are like that, tenporal as in real life. They are beautiful, decorate your home and give some extra prestige. When they die, you change them to another type or another color. I do not understand why people complain about this, if they were plants that need a complicated and expensive process of elaboration, or were very difficult to find (as in exos with errors) I could understand the frustration that they are temporary, but they are plants Very easy to do.
In this game there are many routines to do and very rarely you can dedicate yourself to everything, that’s why you focus on what you like most, and for the rest you have other players and the wonderful world of this trade to exchange objects with other players .

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Just want to add that I was also only expecting plants to wither if left unattended. When I first heard new plants were going to add prestige but they would die I thought it sounded like an awesome mechanic. Make sure to fertilize at least once a week or lose your bonus. But I probably won’t bother with them either if the mechanic stays the same.