Decorative Refined Gravel - Oxide Gray


Is anyone here selling Decorative Refined Gravel of the color Oxide Gray?
If you are, where, how much or if you are willing to sell, how many can you produce to what price?

Also, when you craft Decorative refined gravel, is it the rock or the gravel that determines the color? I would assume the Gravel does it right?



If you have the gravel i can make for you for 2000c for a mass craft (50), or let me know where it is and can grab some quick…


if it helps, I sell gravel to Quebec Mall


Gravel decides


Awesome name haha


How many do you need?


Thanks, but I need decorative gravel. Normal Oxide Gray gravel is quite easy to get.


I could buy like 2-3k overall.


Not sure i have the seahorses for that, but ill check and get back to you… Would do cheaper if getting that many (and i can actually make)


No worries, let me know. I am not in a super hurry, as I will be leave for a weeks vacation on Wednesday. @Samski


thank you @Buugi but the credit goes to @IM2COOL4U001 for the name lol

Cold berry and black Gravel are very popular. In my opinion people do not use enough gravel. The refined gravel is very beautiful


I do use a lot of gravel, but I only need oxide gray, other colors sadly do not worth with my building style and theme. :frowning:


that’s why I offered you this shop … oxide gray. If you do not need it … I have no problem with that :frowning:


But it’s not decorative :frowning:


that’s why I mentioned “if it helps” … a small link with the message to Samski :frowning:


Yeah i can make them if you want, need to buy a few mats and craft some more bonding agent, how about 1500 a mass craft, would mean for 1k it would cost 30k… Will craft if you want…


Sure :+1: sounds fair to me! Any idea when you’ll have it done? Like I said, leaving for vacation on wednesday and won’t be back until next tuesday.


Probably not before Wednesday, but can have them ready for when you return…