Defeat Insurance Question

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If You have the Mega Defeat Insurance Guild Buff on and the Defeat Penalty Epic On also do you get no Defeat Penalty when you die seeing it be at 100%

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gonna need someone to try it out. Would like to know that question too!

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I believe @Jiivita did a video on this question.

Though I may be incorrect.

May have been this video


Nope doesn’t say nothing about it

You will still get the death penalty but it will be for 1 exp… so it is effectively removed.

You can also die normally without the skill, learn the skill and then die again to get a new death penalty of 1 exp (ether pick up the skill or switch to a page that has it) so you don’t have to keep 5 points tied up all the time


@Jiivita ok now i want to get that epic


Yea now wonder why no one uses the death penalty Guild Buff that’s epic

why dont you with your Cookie Kingdom guild or whatever it is you’re doing? I want to join it sometime soon

Its only really me in NepNep running around with minor Guild buffs :laughing: