Definition of Boundless, what is it?


Okay, after many threads and debates on how to boost the game, what the game lacks, where the disappointments are etc. I feel like the game is so many things to so many people, that expectations also vary to greater degrees all over the place.

This of course makes it even harder to please everyone for the dev’s. A nightmare in fact. So I was thinking it really could come down to how the game is marketed and who it targets. Because the game is sandbox, and has many traits it markets everyone in hopes that those who like it might stay.

What if it was marketed for more of a target audience. Players like all those who are still here loving it. The players who are not having such issues to call the game broken. I feel in my own opinion, that the game needs to be pushed on the foundation of what it is mainly, a sandbox survival/crafting/builder, with a slice of economy for conveniences.

This game is built on the idea that everyone can build everything, thus defining a sandbox, freedom of choice for everyone to have the same abilities to obtain everything themselves. It’s not a sandbox to define a perfect economy. The fact that thousands have started with nothing, and now craft and forge their own gear without needing to spend coin to get off planet, is proof money and shops are there as a convenience and a time saver. A true Sandbox!

The very fact that it’s sandbox, and the economy is player made, is proof that the dev’s had nothing to do with the current state of the economy. Before we can even push the dev’s to fix the economy, we have to accept the fact that we made the economy. It’s not the items, it’s not the footfall mechanic, it’s not the freedom of crafting anything we want, it’s not the dev’s fault. They gave us a open sandbox universe and the freedom to do what we wanted with it. What did we do with it? We humans copied perfectly the earths economic problems and pasted it here. Many here are very experienced in economics and shop owners and ebay hunters, and rebuilt everything and it’s problems here.

Giving us imperfect humans the freedom like God’s to create what we want is giving us too many choices maybe. If just one of you can have the single best idea to fix the Boundless economy with all the freedoms it has, then you could be elected to fix the Worlds economy and save the millions that die every year due to malnutrition and poverty. Boundless has no world government forcing it’s citizens to depend on Wal-Mart instead of hunting and homesteading. We the players made this game what it is from blank planets that had no intelligent life. All of us are our own government here. We are the God’s here. The dev’s are watching us throwing our own thunderbolts at each other as we request balances and sharper points.

These things in no way make this a bad game. But it does make this game bad for certain play styles. Maybe even a bad game for certain players. BUT ALL players have the freedom to go out and make their own castle, their own house, their own kitchen and forges. You all have the freedom to 100% percent survive and strive. The freedom to join friends and build together, and hunt together. Or live contently in a cabin in the woods as a hermit. Or enjoying the freedom to join the economy making it better or worse. And you can do this regardless of if the footfall is lower or not even existing.

My opinion is four options:

  1. To Market Survival/Homesteading/Builder Sandbox, that can be done with friends or solo, and the option to join the world economy and all it’s possible problems just like real life.

  2. Take away some of the freedoms. Introduce fixed changes to the economy, which is an open ended infinite count of ideas, like auction houses. Or taking away footfall, and increasing objective coins, and adding npc quest to the game. Or taking coin cost out of traveling so technically there is no need for coins at all except for conveniences and time savers.

  3. Accept that we are our own demise, and ignore everyone complaining the game is broken or dying, allowing ourselves to keep playing and crafting and surviving, and allowing players to come and go and watching it slowly build with like minded players.

  4. Voting in office the one player that fixes world economics to rule this game and the universe.


I like boundless because it’s all/ none of the above. I played MC but got soo bored, even on friendly MP servers because it still felt lonely. Open world servers were pvp / raid heavy and i wanted something persistent.

I love boundless for the hoardes of afk players in ultima hub.
The newbs who run through my portal in the middle of nowhere to get to civilization.
The nightclub i built, then destroyed, then rebuilt.
The safe zone i set up on ultima’s kol huroo temporary hub when ppl would hide from cuttles and my glass cannon pansy gatherer could rescue them with double fists.
The builds ive been contracted for, and the ones I’ve had to pass on to others.
The hunts, the fails, the 1x1 mineshafts of doom on serpensarindi.
Playing the economy game and making coin.
Stocking up on mats just to have new worlds drop and losing coin as prices plummet.
Raiding expired beacons with some dodgy folk.
Buying a house built at launch and keeping it as a heritage site.
Donating oort, hunting oort, hoarding oort, running out of oort.
Having a recluse join our settlement because he thought we were chill people.
Being part of an economical powerhouse; owning a 1 man shop for no profit.
Causing trouble on forums, helping out on forums, gaining great respect for a person who’s every post i hated on forums.

Yeah that’s like part1 of “what is boundless to me”; its whatever i want to make it and boy I’m not done yet.


I have to agree with prome3us on this. I love boundless for being boundless. Not for being any other game, not for trying to be any other game. It is true that I had an idea of what boundless would be when I first got it in like… 2013/14 way back when lol. But it never became what u thought it would. That never made it a bad game just a different game. The devs have shown direction (granted they don’t often show us much of their process or anything at times) but they have a boundless they are aiming for. It’s moldable sure. But not really changeable. It’s going to be boundless. And it’s going to take time to get where the developers want it to be. So for me it’s a play around in the sandbox and see what happens next type of experience. And I love it.


I do agree that it’s a bit awkward when ppl ask about the titans in the launch trailer and they aren’t actually in the game or on the public roadmap even. That was one of the things I saw that drew me to the game and I ended up liking a lot of the other stuff so didn’t get too mad about it. But it does make me nervous to recommend the game to friends because I don’t want to start with “ignore this lie in the trailer but check out this game”.


The marketing campaign should be:

“Play Boundless. The economy is the worst. But that’s your fault, not ours.”


It’s a game…


And a great one at that. That keeps getting better. Just needs more people!!


It’s an amazing game


It’s a fantastic game! I also wish more people knew about it and played it!

Also, I do wish for way, way, way more content! Let the Hunters loose! Add Titans ASAP, Lvl7 and Lvl8 worlds! Even more Lvl4 to 6 worlds and if there are more players Lvl1 to 3 as well! More props, more block types, more, more, more!




Is it only me who read this in the style of the ending from The Breakfast Club film? :joy:

100% Agree with you there @Prome3us :fist: