"Delete all beacons" button

This might not be problem for everyone but for me it is.

Could we get a function that deletes all beacons (exept home beacon).
there should be couple warnings before it would allow to do

How about the ability to delete a beacon from the beacons tab without having to travel there? Makes it easier to clean up but less risk.

Thx @DKPuncherello i thought this would be good to add here too.


Risky business that - can I ask why this feature would be particularly good for you?


Yeah just the idea of that button makes me anxious :laughing:

as long as it’s locked behind the thing where you have to type the beacon name in, maybe a few steps to make sure you really know what’s about to happen!


Unless this involves typing in two different passwords, I do not support such thing, It opens up the risk of someone making a mistake


I want this but for saved locations… and maybe the option to Favorite locations.

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Sounds like a rage quit button…

have it do questions.
Are you sure you want to do this?
type in [YES]
Total prestige in beacons (total char prestige number)
(type in total char prestige)
Type in (character name)
(char name)

I like this idea! I have too many used plots and so many beacons that i cannot delete em all.
I just hope you can choose the beacons NOT to delete

As said it would still remain your home beacon

Personally i have plots all over the planets… i have approx 30 beacons that have just been “i just put this here in case i do something in there”
Maybe i just gotta start using location tab more lol.

How about the ability to delete a beacon from the beacons tab without having to travel there? Makes it easier to clean up but less risk.

I’d support either or both. I’m sure we can count on the devs to do their job and protect it well. They did a good job with beacon deletion.


Well that could work too.
Even better idea actually.


Only 30? :sweat_smile: I think that’s my average on all planets I’ve started to build on.

But yea being able to delete them without actually going to them would be nice

Approx yes. Its just plots i use to mark places.
Another 30 would be those that i have something builded :stuck_out_tongue:

Why don’t you just save locations? Out of space?

I feel its easier to just place beacon down cause i have gc.
Also cause i think using beacon is better just cause i can actually “reserve the place” with just plot or 2. .people usually tend to avoid places wheres beacons alrdy

Lol this is a lazy bones request :stuck_out_tongue::joy:


Being able to delete beacons without having to travel would be nice. Maybe with a prestige limit.

I like additional idea of being able to delete beacons from the list and not the beacon itself, but I’d still find myself travelling to the beacon to check for chests and stuff.

But to me this seems like a niche issue. Most people use the location tab to save locations, but I understand the reservation of locations, even tho its a bit BM if you don’t build on that place for ages if at all.

Lol last time I went to an exo I had to figure out which locations I could safely delete since I couldn’t save any more locations


Lol yeh that’s is different issue :joy: I need to clean up my locations tab, not organised at all and so many ‘Warp Destination (15)’ etc