Deluxe Edition upgrade not available for PS4


Yeah me too. One of the few times I watch my spending and not going straight for the Deluxe version and it’s a game that you can’t upgrade
smacks head on table


I’m gonna pitch in to say I would like this too.

@James any info you can through our way?


I went the other way for once. Saw one trailer, didnt read any reviews, went for the delux version.

Best gamble ever.


Not buying the delux was unusual for me. I normally would but I knew nothing about this game. Watched the trailer once and didn’t get it. A few days later I watched the trailer again and thought it might be an ok game to play for a few hours. As long as I get a few weekends of play I’ll be happy. So I went for the standard. Which I regret now as this game stopped me playing Spider man and red dead. Would love to be able to upgrade just like you can on steam.


you can just spend on plots
the bonus also applies also for allready bought plots!

its calculated like:

number of plots you have * 1.1

this is very fair, not punishing ppl that bought deluxe later :slight_smile:


Last time I met with PlayStation we discussed adding this and it’s now on the todo list.

PS4 deluxe upgrade

Great, thanks!


Brilliant, thanks for the info!


Ohhh! hoping it will be soon! Before the holidays preferably!


If I buy a gleam club membership now and then the upgrade is released shortly after, would my gleam club monthly membership be appropriately and automatically adjusted?

I’m sure I know the answer, but sometimes if you didn’t ask…:wink:


Yes. It just adds more time.

  • Gleam Club would simply add more time.
  • The lifetime +10% plot bonus is applied in retrospect.
  • It also stacks with any other plot bonuses you might have from Early Access.


Excellent! Thank you!:+1:


Lol I guess to bump a thread just reply like you’re part of the conversation and don’t mention bumping :joy:

On a side note, I have my PS4 wallet dialed in and ready for the upgrade.


Same here, can’t wait! Just hope it won’t be after the holidays because then I will be out of money for a bit :joy:


I’m ready to upgrade too!!




Just to clarify how this would work, essentially 10% of the total amount of plots I own would be automatically added after purchase?

Ie 500 plots now, 550 after deluxe upgrade?


That sounds correct. I’m about to upgrade after the patch (It’s on sale!). I’ll edit this post after.


You lucky son of a …! :smiley:

Now would’ve been an excellent time for the upgrade to hit PSN, with a discount! :slight_smile:


Free deluxe upgrade for all PS4 users today, I will quit this game if it does not happen! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: