Design: About the Oort Online gameplay loop

You could require crafting to use materials from tier 1 worlds to be used in higher lvl recipes and have critters and plants that cant be found anywhere but the world you are on to keep people coming back. :fish:

yes and no to this idea in my eyes.

equipment of tools should be made only with higher world materials so you cant just farm low level stuff to get good gear, but i feel that you could still use the tier 1 materials to make things like furniture and cosmetic stuff.

I really like this!
And when you get tired of the main game/ finish all the tiers you can take a break in the modding universe right? And then come back to the main game later. That’s why it took years for me to get tired of minecraft. The main game was pretty fun, but I got tired of it after time, so I started playing on modded servers and stuff. And then when I went back to the main game again it was fun again =D

I like the idea with the different tier worlds, it’s like Starbound and I LOVE starbound. What I don’t like about starbound is that I never feel like I want to build on a world because I know i’ll have to move to a more difficult world soon. I have an idea for that problem though. So you build a home on the first world you spawn on, then when you reach higher tier worlds. But what if you could link your homes together?
Kinda like portals in your homes. Let’s say you’ve explored tier 1, 2, 3, 4 worlds and you create a home on each of those worlds. If you then could link those homes together it would just be one big home going betweet many worlds. That is my idea. (I wrote this in a hurry, its not well written).

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Will there be a tier cap? I mean wouldn’t the game eventually outscale the equipment available to you? Or will the equipment you craft each time a tier is opened scale up as well?

Not really, Diablo does this exact system.

So, each world would have a unique “Titan Biome” where Titans, and presumably Oort Temples would spawn. We’ve heard that Titans will be aggressively territorial, presumably protecting the temple. Find the temple, you’ll find a Titan as well? After the Biome’s Titan has been killed and the temple looted, will a player be able to return after a respawn timer and slay the Titan and loot the temple again? Will other players get a chance at equal loot when everything returns? What is to prevent a person ninja looting the temple while others are fighting the Titan?

I know most of my questions have probably not been ironed out yet.

If players naturally migrate from lower tier worlds to higher tiered
worlds, will there be an “end tier” where progression stops? If I were
to build a massive city on an end tier world, and then a higher tier
world opens up, my city would quickly find itself abandoned and
lifeless! I’m worried that many players won’t bother setting up more
than a basic base of operations on each world till they hit the top tier
world, and we won’t see any of the marvelous monuments we have seen so
far on many worlds!


This is what I was worried about too D:
If I want to build something gigantic, I would make it my permanent home or guildhall until we all get sick of it after a while and move on.

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Quick solution:

Have the Tier 1 worlds be the home base for all player cities/creations and make the upper Tier worlds be temporary worlds rich in resources.

On that same train of thought, have a Titan that holds the key to each Tier be somewhere on a world. That way players can focus on Titans of the Tier they want to go to.

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I like the tier system but would like if it has a small addition: Hard(er) Modes. Remember DIablo III or Guild Wars 1, where you can switch to a harder mode when you reached the really last content of the end game. So when switching to the next mode (travel to the next world) after the last “normal” tier there will be the same ressources, but even harder enemies. So you have to be more skilled, cuz you don’t get better equip there. May be you put rare skin recipies or more xp and gold bonuses to those hard mode worlds so that player feel rewarded for getting better and more skilled. On this way you also can add more tiers to the game (nearly endless, until players reach their own limits ^^) without the need for developing new materials and fluff.

P.S.: I also like the idea of random skills/stats for titans … may be you give them some fixed attributes but one or more random ones on each spawn :wink:

wow this is amazing, @ben so if i wanted to make content for oort ( world, titan, monsters, flora, etc) can i make it any tier level?

@VEXUS Not sure what you mean by making content?

opss :smiley: let me rephrase that question : when we are able to rent a server/world, will we be able to customize it fully? ( titans, flora, creatures, etc) and if so, can it exist within the oort world , and will it have to have a tier level based on how strong the creatures/titans are?

I like the idea of having the tier 1 worlds being the main base for guilds and cities, as this would both:

Serve as a static world where cities could grow and attract & keep players.
Allow new players to be able to join guilds at an earlier stage rather than grinding all the way to the highest tier world to be able to participate with other players.

I think there should be some reasons for keeping large groups of players based in lower tier worlds.


You know, I never thought of it that way. I like that idea!

The tier 1 worlds will always be worth coming back to for different block colours, see cool creations etc

Certain animals and plants should only be able to grow and survive on certain world tiers, just to add to population diversity. :smile:


This might just be the crazy recluse mad scientist in me, but I would love to make climate controlled areas to grow exotic plants :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh the joy of man-eating plants.


I like the idea you guys have, I mean it it was this idea that brought me here in the first place. The idea that you’d go on an epic journey with your friends to find the Titan and fight monsters and harsh weather environments along the way. I love that adventurous feeling and would like to see you guys stick with it, that would be sweet.

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