Design: First look at the door system

In this example, an 8 high double door that opens and closes with a single interaction (you don’t have to click each door separately).

<img src="/uploads/default/27/cdf5a03751515a68.png" width=“690” height=“404”


Looks very cool. Good job guys.
I would also love to see multiple door types in the game (medieval, hidden, etc.).

It’s like you read our mind… :wink:


Looks great.

Would doors wider than 1 or 2 blocks also be possible?

So is the idea that we will be able to build doors to suit our needs by making door parts? For instance if I wanted the door in the picture to be a double door that is four wide and 8 high.

As for hidden doors; ones that look like any given wall material? that connect to switches of various kinds or perhaps are only activated by the combination of a switch and possession of the correct token?

Turn props into door switches?


I really like the idea of hidden doors. That would be great if it can be implemented.

Right now it’s only for 1 wide doors. Because they have to swing open anything beyond 1m in width would be a fair bit more complicated (for physics, collision etc).

So are the doors only 8 blocks tall or can I make my midget escape door?

They can also be 1m high.

hope you guys can find a system to make them wider for other uses such as doors to inns and taverns and bigger things like gates to cities.


My first impression is that I like the ability to vary them in size especially with the heights from the different races in the preview! Were you thinking of having some kind of opening animation or would they likely snap open like in Minecraft?

That would be one tall door lol. Would a titan be able to fit through? I could see building a maze using these as a way to confuse players :smile:

Animations are planned. Wider doors maybe one day, but we hope the 2x8 tall doors will feel suitably epic for a castle or temple in the mean time :smile:

(It’s another one of those “how much more time do we spend making doors better when we could be working on ladders and other props” kind of situations)


Guessing that the textures will blend into one instead of being multiple stacked door textures. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the idea of doors being any size I want

Pretty nifty. Giant metal doors plz.

I hope this is really the case as non of my building is that high to fit in a 8 block door :slight_smile:

Yep - anything from 1 to 8 blocks at the moment.

Is this a clue as to the various possible sizes of character races? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

for the love of god do not make 8 block tall races.