Destruction of Blocks, Materials

Hello. This is going to be about breaking blocks with materials and how it could work.

We know that the worlds will have tiers so you get higher up after defeating a titan, the higher the tiers means the harder the enemies are. to make up for the difference we need stronger gear and it will most likely be a tier system of materials on the worlds too so its not just iron you use for all armors.

by same logic as equipment getting tiers, tools must be too, so you need better tools to make better stuff.

so to put it simply.

lets say i make an iron pickaxe, i can use this to mine iron and steel (tier 1 and tier 2) tier 1 worlds consists only of iron but at tier 2 there will be steel (limiting the available types of resources will force people to go back to lower world and get the materials they need, that way making sure all worlds still have a value)

but back on topic. i now i have my iron pickaxe and is on a tier 2 world, when i have enough steel i can make a steel pickaxe that allows me to mine tier 2 and tier 3 materials. and then so on.

please take in note that there might be more mat tiers on each worlds so on a tier 1 world there might be iron, steel, and mithril, so i need to make an iron pickaxe, then i need to make a steel pickaxe and then a mithril pickaxe, this most likely wont happen, but now its been pointed out.

i dont like the idea that you can cut trees down with your fists, i think you should need an axe, but that is just a side notice.

Okay, got slighly distracted, now back to the main point, if we assume this will be the case with tiers then there are 2 ways that removing blocks without having the proper tier tool could work

  1. You cant. you dont have a steel pickaxe you cant destroy tier 2 mineral veins, dont have a steel axe, you cannot destroy tier 2 wood, now as you can see this is really. impractical. that is where my suggestion and idea number 2 comes in

  2. You can mine and destroy material blocks such as wood and steel even if you dont have the required tools, it would just result in a ‘‘broken’’ block.

The 2nd system is what i really wanted to talk about in my round about way, again there are 2 systems for getting materials which could be utilized in the game and we dont know which one they pick.

  1. whenever you destroy a material block you get 2 things, you get the block and then the material. so say you cut down a tree you get wood (block) and wood (material) same if you destroyed an iron vein you would get Rock (block) and iron (material)

In this case my idea is useless, because the thing they needed to do was just that you got the block but you didnt get the material in case you tried to destroy it with low tier tool.

then there is the 2nd idea where my idea starts to fit

  1. When you destroy a tree you get wood blocks which a carpenter can make into other types of wooden blocks and planks, same with destroying a mineral block, in case of an iron ore you would just get an iron block in your inventory.

My idea is that when you destroy a block you can get 2 types of blocks, Broken (lower tier tool than required) Perfect (same of higher grade tool than required)

The idea behind it is that when you get a broken block you will still get the look, so people who just want to cut up trees because they are making a tree house can do it wihout having to farm up to the proper tools, but only perfect blocks would be able for use in crafting, so a carpenter can use perfect wooden blocks to make other wooden blocks, and smiths can only smelt perfect iron blocks, Perfect blocks also kept the same look and could ofc also be placed.

so its a system to split them up. Broken for builders, Perfect for crafters.

i would also personally like to see a proficiency in gathering professions such as woodcutting and mining, these professions would level up the more you harvest, so if you mine alot your mining will increase alot. if you dont have enough proficiency the same system could apply and you would only get broken blocks

sorry for the long post.

make people who uses inferior tools only get broken blocks which can be used for building but not for crafting.

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Well, I would like the good old “if you have not the right tool you cannot brake down the block”, but only for resource blocks like iron or gems. Everybody should be able to dig a tunnel. The better tools may be faster as well and have a higher range.

The system you describe is cool, but I think it makes things to complicated. Why not just stay at the old system like used in Mc, Terraria, starboard and nearly as other crafting games :wink:

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Problem would being then that everybody could gather high tier wood. everybody could gather high tier plants and herbs. or are you saying you cannot even chop down a tree without having a high tier axe?

this is kinda the thing this system would avoid :smile:

As long a s the tree you want to chop is not made from a special rare wood I would have no prob with every one cutting it down. Same with herbs or plants. If they are made of crystal or something very special, why not :wink:

so you reckon that only some forms of trees would be used in crafting? what if you could use all trees of crafting, that would mean you could never cut down any trees?

Every trees should be usable in Crafting (the rare ones are only for more special stuff, like special furniture or weapons), but not only because it can be used in crafting a mat has to be only havrestable by a tool.

sorry can you try to rephrase that?

Not all mats for crafting should be obtainable with special (tierbound) tools. Some may be just collectable (may be very slower then with tools)

what would the point of having tiers then be? why would i ever bother upgrading my axe if i can get all of the normal high level tier materials anyways.

and isnt that kinda the opposite of what you stated here?

Like I said: not for all mats. There still can be special wood or other mats which need tools. But some basic ones would not be a harm to the system.

I think a tree is a tree, axes of any sort were designed to cut them down.

Maybe some trees are harder to chop down, but they all fall down the same way.

For harvesting herbs maybe on occasion they can be brittle and require a certain something, I’ve picked herbs plenty in my mother’s garden and I assure you it’s possible with bare hands unless you are a germaphobe.

For mining you could be creative about it, because different metals do have different properties, just don’t make it too tedious.


thats why i suggested this system, a tree is always a tree, so you can always cut it down, but if you try to cut a tree with an inferior axe you would most likely damage it so it cannot be used for crafting because it needs to be near perfect.

Ah now i get where you are going :slight_smile:

So using inferior tools damages the materal to a state where it could not be used in crafting recipes. That kinda makes sense actually.

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was that really so poorly explained? >.<

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I have been sick for 2 weeks i am allowed to be a little slow here.

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This idea makes sense, but it’s basically an over complicated version of MC’s mining system that adds a lot of grading and ranking to everything.
I did like the part about getting a material and a block every time you break something.
I think MC’s style of breaking worked quite well. If you try to mine a block with a pickaxe made of too weak a material, it takes a very long time, and doesn’t drop anything when you’re done. When you have the right material the block still takes a bit of time, but significantly less, and drops the block/material you wanted when you were done. (this is basically what you were saying, @Zouls , right?)
Seems to me that MC breaking system worked excellently, but was very simple. We could add a more dynamic system in how you mine by changing the material hierarchy. I also think that if every block drops crafting mats and building blocks every time, you could get a neat system.

What about this instead: Higher tiered materials take more durability out of lower tiered tools. This makes it so that, yes, you can take down a vein of mythril with an iron pick, but it will destroy the pick in the end.


could live with that.

I like that idea mrore tan the rest :smiley:

should also preferably be much slower.