Destruction of worlds!

Take in note. this is most likely not going to happen and is not really realistic. this will involve spoilers from SAO season 2, Ye have been warned!

but no. those who have seen SAO knows that the entire game runs on something called the cardinal system, the system is almost an AI that will generate quests and events based on lore and information that it has (we need this, doesnt matter if its impossible. i believe in you guys)
but the point is that ALO uses the cardinal system in its most advanced version, and it generated an event about the ice giants trying to take over the world. Kirito and the others ofc stopped it, but the point was that the entire game world would be destroyed if they failed the event.

so i thought something like this would be amazingly cool in oort online, not quite as insane as destroying the world, but making big memorable events that will require teamwork. lets say that a mad person has gotten a way to control titans and have now sent out an army to destroy the planets as we know it. everybody would get a notice explaining what is happening and people would need to take action. they would need to kill those titans before they ruin the world they live on, giving them a week to wipe out the titans and if they dont do it then there would be a penalty. something like huge craters around the world and way less animals since they have all been killed. less minerals and generally worse conditions for living.

end of rant.


Zouls, I love how often you come up with ideas. Oort has definitely captured your full imagination!

As far as destroying whole worlds, I don’t know – but the idea of mobs causing destruction is cool. MC, of course, has creepers, which blow holes in things. It definitely increases the intensity of the gameplay. It makes killing creepers that much sweeter, and it makes getting killed by one much more frustrating!

So let’s start small, then work big:

1. Can mobs cause destruction to the environment?
2. Can mobs cause destruction to player structures?

If we allow #1, that opens up some possibilities – monsters that explode, monsters that dig tunnels, monsters that light things on fire, monsters that rip up chunks of land and hurl them at you…which all sounds awesome to me!

If we allow #2, that’s even more possibilities – monsters that break windows and eat walls, monsters that break your door down, monsters that spit acid and melt blocks…which all sounds intense and potentially very frustrating.

Going further, if we allow these, then what happens when a Titan appears?

Giant footprints in the ground.

Hills torn into valleys.

Houses crushed to dirt.

Cities reduced to rubble.

If that’s the kind of capabilities we want the monsters to have, then we’ll need to plan for that. Monster-repellant fences would be a good start. Titan-repellant walls? You’ve all seen AoT, you know how well that works out…

So what’s the balance here? I’ve spent weeks building my lake temple, I’d be devastated if a Titan crushed it…

titans appears to generally stay in 1 area, but yes we discussed it on the old forums, titans WILL be able to destroy worlds, like when it spawns it would crawl up from below and make a huge hole. there was also talk of adding meteor storms as a way to get new and rare resources into worlds which would create craters, i dont think they should be allowed to destroy stuff in beaconed areas but outside it would be pretty cool.

Zoul’s approach to everything-
Anime? Anime. Oort? Oort! oort+anime? Yes.
But actually I do think this would be a cool idea, but I wouldn’t count on this being in the game any time soon. It’s one of those idea’s that I would be stoked to revisit in like 1.5 years.

i watch a ton of anime and play different games, some animes actually have quite amazing ideas that would be awesome to try and get into games, also other games have nice ideas and refers to those too, but most of them are generally overused.

also as i said on this scale it would be impossible. but what you can take from it is that i want huge events that makes a difference.

Yes the destruction of worlds… where’s that screenshot…
The destruction of worlds, world eater style.

That’s the Fez / Oort Online mashup.

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Ok… i want mobs to be able to destroy buildings, but not the beaconed ones, or the beaconed ones only if their owner is near… for defend them…

beaconed should be kinda safe. would suck to use a ton of time on building stuff and it would just get blown up.

What about a full monster protection beacon, and a normal beacon??

i still dont think monsters should be able to destroy beaconed areas :confused:

Well ok, but some GIANT monsters should be able to “temporally” destroy buildings in beaconed areas, just for make them some kind of threath, if not… just build and beacon one tower… no monster/player can kill you…

Also, what about the same for some kind of “pvp-siege-gun” just temporaly destruction?? (I mean from 2 to 20 min)

i think pvp beacons should be a specific thing, but ‘‘giant creatures’’ most likely wont be around beaconed areas.

Well but if you take pvp beacons as a diferent kind of beacons, no one will use them unless they give some kind of benefits (or are CHEAPEST!!!)

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you shouldnt be able to destroy other peoples stuff. simple as that. there will prob be pvp worlds where you can do guild vs guild, but i still dont think you should be able to go destroy their stuff.

siege warfare sounds nice in theory. up until the point where you see the city you used 30 hours on building get torn to shreads in 2 minutes.

Well but it will regenerate, if it is in a beaconed palce… That is my “idea” not just BOOM jaja!!! looser. It’s moe like BOOM kill your army (or not XD) and in some time it will regenerate.

its the other way around. everything NOT in a beaconed area regenerate. NOTHING, in a beaconed area regenerates.

I’m saying that only for the blocks placed by the owner/owners and destroyed by and external force

just no destruction of stuff within beacons. in my eyes, that removes the entire point of having beacons.

Ok, XD ok no destruction in beaconed areas.