Devblog Suggestion

There is another early access game that I´ve been following for years now and although this guys are nowhere as close to their community as the devs of B< are I have to say that I like their way of sharing progress with the community more than how it´s done here.
Approximately once a week a short summary of what each developer has worked on in the past week is posted and given that they are a similar sized team (~15 people if i remember correctly) I think something similar would also work really well for B<.(Here are two examples of what a devblog in Rust looks like.)


jepp, doesn’t need to be novels, but some short infos (on what you want us to know of (no spoilers of BIG impacts of cause) would be realy cool and show the world that you are active all the time, also to those not reading the forums (many people just look at blogs and HPs, not into forums before making a decission (like me ^^)).

I also know this behavior of other games (not all did it all over the time of development) and realy love this kind of information stream to the people :wink:

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Starbound’s another example of doing this well. (I think they have one person more or less dedicated to PR, though)


If you want people with an active community you should looks stonehearth too they are quite up in the extreme with dev blogs though (2 weekly streams and a weekly blog about something)

Look at Eternal Crusade: A stream of 30 mins+ (most times about an hour) each week (they excuse themself if there is a week without ^^).