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I’m interested in how the Oort development team dev cycle is structured.

Do you run sprints? 2 Weeks?
Do you have weekly release days? For example, every Tuesday?
Do you have a public agile board, like Trello or Jira?
How big is the team?

For no other reason than interest.

ah whut? 10 chars

  1. Sprints: We run 2 week sprints, with a retrospective (how do we improve?), pre-sprint planning (what are we trying to achieve?), sprint planning (how we achieve it?) every second Friday. We use Hansoft and we’re gradually growing to like it.

  2. Standup: Team does a daily standup at 9:15 to briefly get in sync, report status and unlock any blockers.

  3. Release: Feature releases are roughly targeted for Wednesdays, we then have Thursday for slack, and we don’t like releasing on a Friday incase we break the game over the weekend. We do bug fix releases on any day dependent on urgency.

  4. Source control: We use Git and Github for source code management, and Perforce for asset management.

  5. Team: The team has recently grown to ~18 people.

  6. Time: So far we’ve spent ~138 man months or 11.5 man year (exclusively) making OO. (This doesn’t include the time making the Turbulenz Engine and a load of other technology the game depends on.)

Anything else?


do you guys have a full sized oort statue in your office? cause if you dont, you should get one xD

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Awesome. Not sure why, but I always assumed game dev cycle was a bit different from corporate dev - guess not!

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How’s that for transparency :blush: