Devs: how hard would it be to have different gravity and weather on different planets?


Having done some game design myself in the past, I imagine gravity works as some version of 9.8m/s/s; how hard would it be to replace this with a PLANET_GRAVITY variable and have slightly different gravity on different planets? I think that some variety between 7 and 14m/s/s would be fun and give planets different feels. Since exoplanets are smaller, they could have even lower gravity, sort of like playing the borderlands presequel (“moon” level gravity). Planets could also have different colors of rain, snow and fog to fit their planet palettes.

Just a few ideas to further give different planets slightly different feels.


I mean, there are skills that technically do same for jumping as gravity does. I would imagine it being super easy to just make a toggle on a planet where it count that talent as chosen at all times. However, could probably be harder to script slow fall etc. However, if they are able to do it, they should also make a slowfall potion - which yeah, makes you fall slower… :sweat_smile:


That would be word. Anything to make the planets feel very different from others would be word I dont think colors and terrain and the little particle effects are enough we need more!


I am on board with all of this!!

Toxic (like yellow or glowing radioactive!) Rain on toxic planets, toxic mud would be sweet if it hurts you a bit when walking on it, an idea I’ve brought up before… other colours as well and for snow too, lower gravity on exos makes a lot of sense, they are smaller…
This sounds fun! Would bring a lot of enjoyment from me.


I would love low gravity planets. Be able to jump like 10 blocks and glide back down. Maybe the grapples would go REALLY far. On the opposite side it would be funny to see you struggle to jump one block and see grapples go about 10m.


The gravity thing would be awesome. I’ve talked with my guild mates a few timesabout this. It would definitely give planets a different feel.


I feel unimaginative for never having thought of this. As the planets became more “alien” appearing without traditional trees/shrubs in predictable materials, I became satisfied with the alien feel. This is such an amazing idea.

Would like to see “gravity” buffs added to exo planets. High gravity = slower speed and shorter jump. Low Gravity = higher jump and run speed but not necessarily increased action speed. Could boost the drop rates or spawn rates on more challenging planets. Wonder if these buffs could apply to items making grapples a little less of a save on these planets, cutting the speed and distance of grapples on heavy planets maybe?

Brilliant, so glad you have suggested this. This is something I have missed from our elemental planets. Real elemental feel. More fire on burning planets. Explosive rocks on blast planets. The incentive to avoid water on toxic planets, debuff when wet on corrosive planets. Would add more depth. The mob resistances just isn’t enough.


I’d like to know if it’s possible to have breathable water instead of air fill to the height cap :thinking:


Some thing like a Dyson Sphere with several Mantel section covered in rock and resources at the center instead of a star would be cool. And that could incorporate a split gravity field with gradient strength.


I love the gravity idea!

Although… imagine fall damage on a 14m/s/s gravity planet. Ouch! Hopefully they will fix this sometime before 2024.