Devs: Please be part of the Kinda Funny E3 Showcase


When they heard there was not going to be a PSX last year, Kinda Funny jumped in to fill the void. The Kinda Funny Showcase was the result, and it was great. I’ll include the link at the end.

They are doing another one around E3 and, since Sony won’t be at E3 or doing anything in that time period (according to Sony) I think it would be fantastic if Boundless could have a new trailer and presentation there.

They focus on smaller studios, so it’s a great fit. And Boundless has a big enough name that you could be one of the headline titles. The game will be in such a different place by then that it would be a great time for a second launch and a perfect platform for it.

Just my two cents. I’d love to see two of my favorite things come together.

Now here is the video I promised so you can see how good of a product I’m talking about. Also should be mentioned that this was broadcast live but prerecorded on YouTube and Twitch.