Diagonal poles or beams..?

Would it be possible eventually to have diagonal poles or beams in game? This could be tricky the way blocks behave since they would connect corner to corner, and they would have to extend slightly beyond the boundary of their voxel to link with other diagonal blocks but maybe there is a way to make this work?

Diagonal poles/beams would be as revolutionary as lattices.


I also want diagonal lattices to go with your proposed diagonal pole and beams!


Yes pleaseeeeee!!!

Diagonal lattices would serve the purpose well for diagonal poles, wouldn’t really need both I don’t guess.


I would like both so you have lots of creative options.


Diagonal items are the one thing voxel games don’t have really. At least as far as I can tell.

Corner beams too please


Or just a rotating Chisel would be awesome

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But this is Boundless!! ;D

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You can do perfect corners with the lattice blocks :+1:

But those don’t match a fence made out of beams and poles.

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Diagonal lattices seem like they’d be easier to implement as they are straight lines. Beams and poles would have to do something at their joins to avoid overlapping oddly. Maybe they could just form a hub.

You do 2 bevel angle chisels to get the angel effect. If we make a lattice chisel box shape then cover with glass panes can we make pipes to transfer items from machines into storage?