Diamond axes with glow auto harvest

wtb some axes with glow auto harvest

3x3? Or single hit

single hit plus some damage would be nice

I can make some if you want, I usually use topaz for those because its easier to get but If you need diamond then I’ll use diamond

doesnt matter what kind they are really just need them to 1 hit plants for gathering

ill take a few aswell if you are making some

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We sell “ScubAxes” at the Golden Fist which have Glow, Autoharvest, Durability, and Water Breathing


I have 3 topaz ready they one hit plants and fungus. I use them to gather on any planet.

Also I have 3 diamond ones on queue

Topaz axes can be found here :slight_smile:

You can get there via Ps or Ultima at maryx or TNT all portals say Omeyocan.
From there take the portal that says DK’s Mall and once there at your right I hava a portal to my forge shop.

Where is the golden fist?

NP found it…

You can get there vía TNT too

got the axes thanks!

Actually blue is best…easy to forge and fast…topaz is just a little lower boon points when forging.