Diamonds or gleam

Ok, I’m trying to talk myself into using diamonds for this. I’ve been mining them to get enough.

The problem is the more I look at it, the gleam just looks so much better. Your opinion?

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I think if the top/bottom diamonds looked like the left/right ones I’d be a lot happier with them.

Anyways I’m undecided let me know what you think. Thanks.

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The gems just don’t pop in this game.

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Yeah the borders are wrecking it for me tbh.

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With a bit of appropriately placed and coloured gleam lighting the gems can pop quite nicely. Maybe not diamonds though unfortunately.


Can you hide the gleam behind the diamonds and get the light to shine through?

Sadly no. There’s light coming from top and bottom but this is a 1 block thick wall and it’s not acceptable to have gleam or chiseling on the back of it.

EDIT Hmm I might look at some kind of decoration on the inside though. It just can’t mess with the wall. It’d an inorganic farm and I can’t have light leakage so chiseling on the outside means the inside has to be flat.

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Then my choice is the gleam. The light adds a lot to the look of the wall.


You can’t use 2 corners gleam 2 diamond


Whichever one you choose, that’s a really nice design you’re creating there :+1:

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I voted gleam.

Sadly gleam always seems to look better than gems. The gem blocks could use a redesign so they sparkle more IMO.


Yehh gleam seems to be prevailing and I have to agree.

I just got all the borders chiseled and the center blocks placed. I’ll check this out.

Ahhh, this is why i ask lol.

IDK why it didn’t occur to me but I think you may have nailed it. It’s those bars on the top and bottom turning me off those diamonds, and a bit of gleam light helps things.

I’m doing this. Thanks @BabyCookie great call.

EDIT: For sure


Put gleam in the middle section to make gems light more?

Now that you can chisel colored plain glass blocks, can you make colored glass gems…?

It’s pretty bright around here, and I don’t want to change the wall blocks seen from the inside.

I’m quite happy with this change right now. It’s mostly the bar/border on the vertical gems that was really making it look bad IMO.

you can chisel them into the same sort of diamond shaped blocks that you see other stuff carved into. You can see what’s inside it pretty well though so even if you wanted them free floating, adding gleam or something to make it bright would be visible, crating a layered effect more than a gem effect I think.

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