Did everyone on pc leave?

I am very sad to say that I bought, I bought Boundless (that’s not the sad part) the sad part is NO One is on then I went to see why and the results were shoking, ALMOST all my friends went off of steam (pc) to go on theyr PS4 to play it and I want to know are the two consols linked? I have been playing for a VERY, VERY short time, but still I havn’t seen a binary number(s) being controlled by a human since I enterd the game and even then there were only two and never to be seen again so…Qeustion of the day WTF WTF WTF happend to all the playes? sorry for langeuge but I didn’t spend all my money on a deserted game. If there is any server that you know alot or even a little people play can you please tell me what server it’s on?

Yes they will be linked.

Boundless is still in pre-alpha, so the servers are not deserted, the game just doesn´t have a big player base yet. Additionally most players just occasionally check by to take a look at the new updates and are not actively playing.
This is not an issue though since, as I already wrote, Boundless is still in pre-alpha, server population will certainly increase with more contend released.

Tl;dr No, no one on pc left, the active player base is currently just really really small.

PS: I think you might recheck if your friends are playing Boundless on PS4 since the Alpha is only available on PC afaik.


I’ve been doing a World Tour lately, and it’s difficult to find one person in a 16 sq km area. I haven’t seen much development on Ruchs or Kovah lately, but we get involved as we can because those of us that are adults have other responsibilities that come first.

(That’s what we tell everyone, anyway.)

I’m usually on about 30 minutes a day either exploring other builds, or trying to think of clever things to build on Vaisier just to keep myself in practice.


Start a project and share it on the forums, you’ll get plenty of responses I’m sure.

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I am on PC to stay. However, I might use the steam machines eventually just to save money on overpriced PC gaming rigs.

TBH, I have most gaming consoles in my home, but those are mostly just to spoil my daughter with. Having experienced all of them,the only ones that have been able to stand the test of time are the Nintendo DS and Steam.


I still love my Gamecube, completed Luigis mansion the other day (FINALLY)

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