Did u enjoy the 3 exos? What did u all find? Or how much?

I’d like it if it were regular. But if the plan is to have three simultaneous exos every 2-3 weeks I oppose.

For what it’s worth all three got stripped pretty quick.

Imo all we learned here is people want more lucent exos. As many mentioned, the economy and endgame now require them.

I agree with @Nightstar. Helps split population up so more people can get on the planets at once. And I think this is actually better for the economy. People are buying things and stuff isn’t stagnant. I’d rather people be using the resources then having stacks for no reason. As a miner I’ve sold probably 25k iron ore, 15k gold and 10k silver, and 20k titanium to request baskets in this past week just due to the exos. I also sold a full stack of blink, which was awesome. In a healthy economy things should be flying off the shelves.

@RedY3 not sure if you are still playing but I filled up your baskets at coin converters a couple days ago


I enjoyed it a lot I had 5 days off and did a lot or mining for rock, keep an eye out at MT Olympus at DKs mall for ashen taupe marble :grin:. And idk why I felt like I needed 25SS of that orange gleam it was everywhere :joy:

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I thought it was amazing!

Different people want/need different resources/colors/gems so I think it was awesome to have 3 to choose from, all at the same time. Instead of one small group of people being happy about the type of lucent Exo that spawned, there was something for everybody.

Merchants sold out of items, forgers were super busy…it was awesome!


Well the million dollar question is will they keep it up.

I think we saw a lot of players return to the game for the bonanza, and the economy was booming.

I think this clearly answers the question “do people want/need more t7’s to enjoy the game” (pssst toldja so :wink:)

But would the devs be willing to spawn three t7’s every week? Or would this require us waiting two weeks between fun-splosions.

I doubt they will tell us. Guess we’ll find out in 24 hours or so!

2 to 3+ Exos every week would be good :+1:
Maybe one or two T7s a week or every weekend - and def not more than a month without one of the lucent Exos.

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If we make lucents something regular people will lose interest in a couple months. We need to keep them rare.

Just look at resin and Petro

I didn’t get a ton of the lucent material but then again I don’t really do anything with it. I enjoy the exos for the colors and the drops since the plants are usually in abundance. :slight_smile:

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They have been rare & it’s been fine. Waiting over 2 months for Umbris is way too long for a game. Plus, people need the materials for certain things.


I think an end game cycle would be nice between events to maintain steady interest in “end game” content, meaning more than status quo.

But this would take future development to create in my opinion.

2-3 t7 exos occassionally could produce gold rushes.

But in completion I think a cycle of events would really hype “end game” content.

Such as:

T7 exo spawn: 2-3 exos spawn for resource gathering and storing.
Crafting event: “to be determined”
Titan attack/assult: groups of hunters take on titans with t7 lucient gear.
Roadrunner weekend: roadrunners drop 3x feather and glands.
Meteor event: extra strong meteors drop on t6 planets and generate extra issues to produce greater rewards.
Hunter swarm weekend: miners see increasing instances of hunters.
Explorer event: An exo planet passes by with dungeons or something, with loot chests and hard monsters

Etc. Etc.

Something like this a cycle, but with a reasoning. You need mats to produce gear, to fight titans, but then a resource lull happens and there are special weekends for glands or something.

Not everyone has to take part in every stage, but it could produce economy surplus and demand, it could create changing events, and produce an accomplishment cycle that a lot of players need and which is lacking in boundless currently.

Then in the middle of it all, you still have your creative builders and crafters enjoying their side of things.


Didn’t step foot on a single one of them, and I’m okay with that :smile:


I was talking about this

I do agree with the umbis/rift problem we should have some kind of cycle, like:

Blink -> T6 -> T6/T5 -> Rift -> T6 -> T6/T -> Umbris -> T6 -> T6/T ->

I enjoyed having the option to go farm but found myself mostly doing rift and umbris as constantly dodging lava for blink gets old. I do have to say the EXO gets rough after 24-48 hours as it is greatly picked over. Especially the umbris given how long its been since there has been one

Well I finally got on and managed to make a visit to these exos today after being stuck at work for the first 4 days of their lives. I picked up around 550 rift and half a stack of goo in just over an hour on Balonychus. And I have just returned from a quick trip to Arramilae where I was able to scrounge up just over 500 umbris in 45 minutes (one persisting pie). I do appreciate you all leaving some behind for me to scavange :smiley:


I found a dire need for more exos. :joy:

To be honest I feel exo’s should happen more frequently then they do to rotate colors. If its set on an algorithm for color picks I fill increased exo planet frequency would help rotate some of the colors we haven’t seen in the rotation. I know this might increase server load or add the need for more servers but this does work two fold it gives people the ability have a little more color variations and it decreases the load on the exo planets so the latency issues might decrease. I am not sure how the current exo rotation is set up but here is my idea. I personally think a 30 day rotation for exo’s would help stimulate more colors into the game and give us some kind of schedule and routine on say the tier seven planets which would allow us to schedule things like hunts and events around the rotation. So I purpose every three days on a regular rotation a new tier 7 planet will go into rotation. This rotation is separate from the lower tier exo’s they would be on a five day rotation. I feel these planets should always be in rotation because crafting recipes require exo only ingredients.

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I agree a faster rotation of t7’s would be a good thing

No please no, not more T7’s, more exo’s in general!

The T7’s all have a very limited colour palette. Blink always has white/cold berry/once cold tan rocks for instance, umbris has red/orange coloured rocks, etc.

If only those 3 types rotate often we have way less variety of colours than if ALL the types come more often!

The 6 gem types have limited colour palettes as well, so do the Coal and metal I believe, the ones that has given us the most new colours I believe are the Lush ones

I will reiterate that you may potentially be at least somewhat crazy for that level of commitment.

I was able to get 500-600 Umbris and Rift which matches what I’d gathered of them since exo’s were released. I liked the dark reds, all the goo, some cool visuals as well!

Personally, I enjoyed 2 of the 3 exos. I wasn’t able to get to the blink one. I’m always happy to explore a new planet and the new colors of foliage/plants/goo etc.

Frankly, I’m a little disappointed that there’s so much negativity about the three T7 lucents that we just had. This triple T7 was really a gift from the devs because of the complaints from the community last week. We should be thankful - they didn’t have to do this for us.

I also think that constantly having three T7s is a little overkill. We need lower Tier exos for resin and more color variety. But i do agree that the lucent cycle could be tweaked so that you don’t get so many of the same lucent back to back.

I’m of the mind that having at least 1 exo at all times would be ideal so there’s no lull for those people who need something. But always having 3 is overkill.

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