Did you eat all of your cups again?


This week’s random shop stock:

14400 of each. I hoped to do it in a week but it took 9 days to get them all out of the benches.

Poor Alcyon … :grin:

Prices are 2/3/7/12/14


ow i grab some so people think i brew stuff at my place
might put some fake finish potions next to it :grin:


Good reason to build a kitchen!

I’ve even got an ‘ice box’ next to my ovens and soup kettles :wink:


I have a huge freezer in my workshop next to the area where I do all my brewing and cooking!!

Still need to add all kinds of little things to make it look less ‘clean’, planned a big oven for instance but didn’t come around to it yet…


Can I have directions to this place :nerd_face:


Of course, are you looking for cups, or kitchen builds?

If you’re traveling via ultima network, come through the gate marked “lantern gardens” at the raxxa hub.

Turn left and use the “down” portal to get to the cups. Turn right and use the “Metro West” portal to get to my kitchen. It’s downstairs in the little turquoise building behind the hub. It’s really small and neglected. I went through there with aenea recently and the prices are from about, january heh.

Sorry I’ll just edit more instructions here. The biitula portal in the shop has a sign that says “Sunken Storage” And it’s up behind the grovidias te portal.

i don’t think Aenea’s selling cups anyways - you can get to her place using the Nova Golda portal in the Ultima shopping hub, I think that’s what it’s called (the hub not the portal). It’s mega huge though I have no idea where the kitchen’s hidden.


Thank you very much, ill be there shortly & its for the cups :slight_smile:


The title of this topic is making me laugh every time I scroll past :rofl:


The exact same number of cups have sold from each shop stand. I’m guessing that’s one buyer and probably Jacey. In any case though thank you for the sale(s) :grin:

There are still a few thousand of each left for any thirsty oortians out there!


Yeah I’m stocking up for the next update :wink:
Cups will be needed!
I bought half of each shop stand, didn’t want to be too greedy haha! But if they are still there tomorrow I’ll be back for the rest :joy:


I think I came across that place then! I think the idea is creatively clever.


I used to have one at New Leyden on Gellis, now my workshop is at Nova Golda in Trung! (much better and bigger workshop too!)