Different worlds = different skies?

Hey guys.
As we all know, there are a lot of worlds in Oort already. They’re really different from each other, even the grass/sky/tree color is different. One thing is constant, though: the amount of celestial bodies in the skies. There is 1 sun and 1 moon in each of the worlds I’ve been to (if I’m wrong, please correct me). Why not have some of the worlds have, say, 3 different-sized moons, or 2 suns?
I think that would make them look extra “alien” and different from each other.


I wonder how having 2 suns would affect the lighting effects :smile: I like the idea though!


This is what makes it interesting, there could be different light intensities in different worlds, maybe even blinding lights of 10 suns that requires sunglasses to actually see anything? :smiley:

The moons are what I’m especially excited about, it’d look so cool!

This is definitely on my awesome list.

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How I know, today Oort has only one single object, that play both roles as the sun and as the moon. It’s can be difficult for developers to change sun’s mechanics…

It’s definitely in the plan. Different skies make a huge difference.




I think it would be very cool to have different amounts of celestial bodies. It’s one of the aspects that made the skies of Skyrim more beautiful. Also, thinking back to Skyrim, different worlds could have different colors of aurora borealis, possibly even colored to fit the theme color of that world. Imagine yellow, purple, or even red auroras.

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Now that’s awesome! I can’t wait! :smiley:

I think this would be a nice feature, but It’s not exactly top on my priorities list…