Diggers Needed!

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Calling all diggers! A group of friends and I have a gigantic build planned on Epsilo, but we’re having a terrible time clearing the area out. We need help, and we’re willing to pay for it!

We’re open to discuss details like pricing, provided tools, and anything else. And to anyone who’s been part of a contract like this before, we’d appreciate your input!

Update: In hindsight, I should have included a little more info. The build is called the Hive; it’s currently the capital of Epsilo. It’s a square divided into nine sections, each belonging to a different player. Each section is 6x6 plots wide that reach from lava level to the surface of the mountain. For reference, my section has 420 plots total, so about 12 vertical layers.

My current plan is to assign one digger per section at a time and to pay per plot cleared. You can keep whatever you dig up, and dig as much as you feel like - no pressure! For reference, I had max mining skills before the skill reset, and when I cleared my section, it took me an average of 10 minutes per plot, depending on the amount of gravel.

I’d love to negotiate a payment that everyone is happy with! To toss out a number to start with, how about 500c per plot?


Directions here

Jeff’s Solum hub is located in Pixelgate, the Capital of Solum, designated by a yellow/gold icon on your compass.

Take the portal on the left to Epsilo, but not too fast or you’ll fall off!

To the right, there’s a semi-hidden path (again, careful not to fall off!)

leading to the smaller portal that connects to the lowest level of the Hive.

There’s two other portals on the surface: Fire Caverns (left) and Glychi’s (right)

Lastly, a portal connecting the lowest level to the surface level.

It’s a long way down; don’t fall!


I’ll happily buy verdant and gnarly grass seeds after you finish all of that digging! Looking for 300 verdant and 500 gnarly. Consider it a double contract, dig for @AmandaPan, sell me seeds! Cha-ching!


I’m happy to help!


I’m always up for helping people!


Glad to help if I can get there. Getting to Epsilo is a chore for me currently. I have a beacon there but it’s on an ice mountain and much of the wildlife and all of the terrain wants to kill me. Must be something I said.


I just need Diamond Hammers and Shovels and I can do it. ^^

I have max wear reduction.


Thank you all for your responses! I’ve updated the original post with more information that I failed to include earlier.

@brook-monroe There’s portals set up for easy access. Are you familiar with Jeff’s portal network? To the right of his Epsilo portal is a small portal that leads to the Hive.

Sorry to disappoint you @Havok40k, there aren’t a lot of seeds where we’re digging. Mostly ice.


I wouldn’t mind doing it for free (I might be short on hammers though), just want a way entertain me


Awesome! I have no idea how digging is entertaining, but to each their own! We can provide metal and gem hammers and shovels, whatever suits you. I’ll notify you as soon as I’ve got someone ready to give you beacon permissions.


Digging is very satisfying in my opinion :joy: I may not be around today however.


@Havok40k I have lots of seeds from therka if that’s good for you we can make a deal.

@Initiols I can add you to my beacon and provide gem tools. Diamond hammers and purple ones (forgot which gem it is), or if you lack mastery whatever metal you choose.


Just to be clear, I also want do it for free. The XP you get with Diamond Tools alone is worth it. ^^
I just need Diamond Tools. I have skills to use them effectively. (Power, Master, Speed, Wear Reduce, all Max)


Who is Jeff? Where on Solum would I find a portal that’s part of his network? (I don’t inhabit any large settled areas or even near them. As true in real life as in Boundless. :slight_smile: )


Oh! I took digging to mean soil and assumed you were doing a foundation job with shovels, I didn’t realize you ment hammer work and such! My bad :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Kirinvar I’ll ping you when I am around :+1::+1::+1:


Although I might not be around when you guys need me, but still feel free to call me when the digging thingy is opened
(I don’t know where to find the place :[ )


There’s also a big portal to Epsilo in our Fire Caverns network that leads directly to the area outside the Hive, on the surface. :slight_smile:

I’d also be happy to come help dig out a plot or two


@Kirinvar @Initiols @142857 I’ll be around, ping me to add you to beacon and give you tools :slight_smile:


On my way


awesome! I’ll be online waiting :slight_smile: