Diggers Needed!

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ah ok, some other time maybe I can help


So @reapa11 and I are considering joining the Boundless Chain Gang… When is the best time for this to happen, etc.? Also are you providing tools for optimum speed or do we just bring whatever we have?


Great! We’re glad to have you! We’ll provide whatever tools you want. I can connect you to a beacon owner so you can coordinate with them to get permissions. Maybe @Jeffrotheswell? Also, before you start, it’d be great to know whether or not you two want to be paid so we can plan ahead.


We will find you Thursday to figure it all out…


I’ve a portal from my compound to Epsilo just outside the Hive, but it’s only good for 3 more days. (Unless someone can tell me where I can buy more Oorties. I did find a roadrunner and drown it, but that only got me one more day.)


check Omni - I bought quite a lot there a few times


I absolutely would if I had the first clue about where that is. This game really needs a map, and support for players to put up informative (and tasteful) signs.


@brook-monroe … we have a portal to the Epsilo hive from the Fire Caverns hub. It is in the side room beside the big one to Andooweem. We have no plans to close it so you could use yours and save your Oort for your other portals if you wanted.


I just looked up the Fire Caverns. So Solum=>PixelGate=>Vulpto=>Munteen=>Epsilo.


solum > pixelgate (jeff’s portals) > epsilo


Sorry but I didn’t know you were in Solum since your last message didn’t mention where you were beyond a generic “your compound.” Yeah we don’t have anything directly to PixelGate and instead linked to both Vulpto main planet cities (near Jeff’s and Twisted’s stuff).

I’m looking for a good spot in PixelGate but haven’t found anything yet that made sense.


I needed to build the portal anyway to get my objective points. I’m okay with leaving it open for now since my neighbors can use it and it gets me off Solum now and again. I was starting to run out of things to do. (That being said, I don’t consider running from Lvl 4 critters a “thing to do.” There is some mining around the Hive that I can do and scoot for the escape hatch if it gets hairy.)



Last time I was near the hive I had a group of 6 spitters attack me… like a level 3 (if I remember right) and 2 lvl 2 and 3 lvl 1… darn hoodlums!


@Spoygg and @Jeffrotheswell Can one of you coordinate a time to meet with @reapa11 and @Xaldafax for beacon permissions? We have two new diggers!


Technically I do voxel transmutation services… :slight_smile:


i may be able to jump on in a few hours to add people to my beacon. pm me if and when you are avalible.
I am always available Mondays 8am to 1:30pm pacific time.


right now I’m at an all day all staff training event :sleeping:


oh joy! well ill watch for your name in the debug info… ill be online most of the day through the weekend. Also PST time.


@Xaldafax. ok logging on for a few minutes. meet you at the hive?


Hey everyone, I’ve got a beacon in the Hive that I desperately want cleared out, so I’m bumping up the digging payment to 2k per plot (for this beacon only)! I provide the tools, and you can keep whatever you dig up. Message me if you’re interested so I can set you up with permissions.