Digital Deluxe colors, received too late to use

So I now have my Gleam Club period, 10 days late. I have made two characters. I would like to use the color system that I should’ve had day one, but in order to do so, I have to use my cubits to buy TWO Tint Kits? At the cost of 1600 cubits…

Is there any way I can get credited these items so that I can use the service I paid for without paying more in game? Thanks.

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They will be implementing a change allowing gleam club members to make changes to their character. Waiting always sucks but be patient. It’s coming.(:

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Hey Setimu666,

Smooth-Slick is correct, in the next patch we’re enabling all Gleam Club members to change character colours whenever they like. I’ll add this to the announcement for clarity.

So to confirm, once the next patch is out, all Gleam Club members will be able to change their character colours.


Awesome thanks! And thanks for the quick replies.

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huh… I already spend 1800 cubit for that … :fearful: (3 characters)
Any re-found for this part ?
How come players should respond for this lol
It looks like the dev’s problem ?