Disappearing Portal

Portal from the capitol Xewell to Keuhok.
I teleported to capitol and was pleased to see the shy portal hanging out. Went outside of the Cap beacon to take down my poor excuse for a shop, turned around and it was gone.

Oh so shy that one!

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Does the portal recover if you restart the game? Or is it permanently missing?

[Portals vanish if the game loses it’s connection to the remote server. The reconnect logic either has issues or simply doesn’t exit yet :see_no_evil: ]

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It was still gone when I logged to post this and the went back. Currently servers down? asking for my password… was gonna check…

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Let me sign-in and check it out…

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Portal is there for me…

Shows for me as well.

Windows 10 preview x64.
nvidia 560 Ti, driver version 347.52.

Try leaving cap beacon and returning. …
mobile site rocks! Posting from work

I meant to ask, did the devs create the portal for you? Can I get one at some point? :stuck_out_tongue:

@b00n the portal I was referencing was added by the Developers in update 88 http://oortonline.com/game-update-release-notes-88/

Though I do believe there are special circumstance portals placed by request.
I havent been yet myself but I think I read there were some here https://forum.oortonline.com/t/labyrinth-castle/272 perhaps @Xeverius could answer for certain.

Yet to be unlocked on the main site is a whole feature set on Portals and Warps.
Keep an eye for the the next voter survey, after Creatures I is fully funded

Yeah, I realized that portals are a feature that arent yet fully implemented, I would just like to link my area to others at some point :smile: thanks!

@Bootlegger There are no portals around my builds. I haven’t asked for any either FYI.

What is the status of the portal?

  1. Is it working for you?

  2. How consistently is it working?

@james On log in the portal was still not viable. when I got to the position of the above screenshot, the portal popped back in, with the associated audio. However in the chat box area, I did get a “Welcome to Keuhok” server message, without going through said portal.

You need to give the portal a chance to load. When you first start the game we prioritise loading the chunks for the world you’re currently in - over the chunks for the world you can see through a portal.

I would imagine that the portal has been there all along - but not yet loaded. If you look at the debugging in the top right - you will see metrics about how many chunks still need to be loaded.

We should really render a “closed portal” in place of a portal before it’s loaded enough chunks to be “opened” and live.

Think we’ve solved the problem here.

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What about the erroneous, “welcome…” to a world you are not on server message?

When the game client connects to a server it displays a “Welcome” connection message.

So the game connects to World1 - it says welcome to World1.

The game then connects to World2 (to create the portal) and it says welcome to World2.

We just left it in - as it helps a little whilst debugging.

Excellent! thanks for the info.
I need to slow down!

Relax a little - enjoy the scenery. :heart_eyes:

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