Disconnections and "Bail outs"

I was wondering how disconnections will be handled? For ex in a pvp scenario, where one person realizes they are losing so they disconnect before they die. Or in a pve scenario, where one person foolishly tries to take on larger monsters and they disconnect so they don’t die, Or they disconnect mid fall that would kill them. And what will happen if a player disconnects due to things out of their control? Will there be a way to tell? And lastly, will people be punished If it is a server side disconnect?


For the player disconnecting, just ad a 15 secs countdown when selecting the disconnect option. This would be not to annoying (used to it in many games) and still enough time to still be killed (no matter if pvp, pvp or just physics). It’s important to have such function cuz nothing is more annoying and frustrating then combat loggers and disconnecting should never ever be an option in dangerous situations.

For the serverside dc there should be no suffering, but it cannot be avoided all the time. At least that should be instand :wink:


ESO does this. There’s a 10 (or 15, can’t remember) second timer before you log out. Though it’s mildly annoying, it definitely prevents combat loggers.

Do you mean imposing a 10-15 second delay before allowing the player to disconnect? During which their character is still in the world and can be affected by damage, etc.? If this can be done only when in PvP or PvE battles, etc. I think this is an excellent idea! Having to wait out the delay every time you log out would be annoying. Maybe impose the delay when you are: falling or taking damage of any sort, etc. I hate it when people combat log. Used to bug me a lot in DayZ.

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In Elite we also hate combat loggers, even with the 15 secs to disconnect (not enough to destroy a large ship). Also, some players just pull the plug, which is also a problem, cuz on that way they avoid the delay to disconnect. And yes, to have it only in combat or when moving (falling) would be a good idea :wink:

That’s why in some games, if you choose to disconnect immediately or if your internet turns off, your character will remain in place for some time.

Jep, should be the same time as if logging out the “normal” way. Just don’t give cowards the option to run away from what is not avoidable normally.