Distance crept feat

How does one creep on ps4, I want to complete the distance crept feat.

Hold circle while you walk. You’ll be be creeping in no time!!


Or the “C” button on the keyboard - Can you add one to a PS4? I know you can on an XBox. But the previous post was correct for the controller.

Yes you can use a usb keyboard with the playstation.

Creeping is also good for building bridges or roofs. If you turn backwards while you hold creep you can stand on the very edge of the block and add another block on to side of it.

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Careful on Ps4 though, sometimes as you creep along a horizontal L of blocks you fall.

This has happened to me a few times. Still trying to figure out why it happens

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Has something to do with the transition from one row of blocks to another, not sure why.

Thank you everyone