DK’s “bank” offer


I’ve noticed all the posts about banks for taking a break and wanted to post another offer:

If you’re taking a break or quitting and want help distributing your items, I will be happy to take them and distribute them to noobs. I give out free stuff to noobs whenever I find them around town in Finata, and I will find a good home for your items.

Not a troll post. You can ask around, I am reputable, I already give out noob goodie bags, and I’m pretty endgame with millions of credits, so no particular reason to just pocket stuff.

You can PM me on here or in game at Ultima Mall, Finata.


I do the same thing after you have everything you have/need in the game might as well help newer folks. I only had one bad experience where a guy just kept coming back because “free stuffs” but he was probably a kid or just someone wanting to troll. (i have those too)

The only problem I see is If I quit you better plot out some fairly big warehouse and it might be a full time job to sort through lol.


Take a look in the sky to the west of Ultima Hub, that’s my castle :wink: I got u


Hey DK, that’s cool. I might end up giving you some stuff eventually. I have an abundance of refined stone that will never get used up lol. And the pile continues to grow. I’m not a rock shop so I can’t really sell it (reliably), so if you think you can find someone who will want it its yours.


Yeah I give out refined rock packs to noobs regularly :blush: have a bunch to unload? Happy to help!


Hey man under the new. Player shop on emb hub is a shop in mall aswell linked to it almund sell some cheap rock there but could Def use another partner in offering more in our new player shop down there care to colab with me and almond


Just gave out two “starter packs” today. They were so excited! Lol


What do you guys think makes for a good starter pack? I usually give like 10k refined rock, some gleam, some food, some metal tools, some machines.


I’m honestly just not wanting all the refined rock I have lol. I continue to get more because I will either seek out 1 color and get other colors while mining rock, or I get so much surplus when going for fossels/coal/gems. Some of it is light pink colors, most is shades of green (there is way too much green rocks in this game). I try to keep some things for newer players in my shops, although your prices in your newbie shop are quite low (I still need to overhaul some of my pricing setups but I’m waiting until that site gets enough entries to really find a middle ground on things).