DK’s NPE challenge objective bug found

Let me first say 14 minutes in and something was bothering me. I found it.
The first objective isn’t showing up.

And I can’t un and re pin it.


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Restarting boundless seems to have fixed it but pinning new objectives didn’t make them show.

Have to add the disappeared the second i went trough mij “first” warp portal leaving sanctum.

I have noticed this happens (on PC) if you have the chat box expanded, even if it’s hidden again. I don’t know why that makes them disappear, but it’s repeatable. Bringing the chat box back down again makes the objectives show up again.

:wink: in this case i left the chat close because of the 1 hour time limit :grin:.

Simply walked out of sanctum and the objective was gone.

Going to sanctum or fidgeting in the journal did nothing. Only restarting boundless helped to bring it back on screen.

(Have to add i intentionally didn’t open the chat because i know how i am and end up spending time in the help chat, waisting precious seconds.)

[edit] I know what to do ( 2 years in a few months), but to a complete new player this should not happen at all. Especially if the objectives that follow don’t show up either. (To the point of making you pin a few objectives).

I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue of the objectives not appearing on screen, only when chat is expanded. Was this the only time you saw it happen?

Also, tutorial objectives cannot be unpinned.

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I really wish the tutorial could be unpinned if you had already completed it on another character :sweat_smile:

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It was just for the one hour challenge.

Don’t know what went wrong or happened.
But they just disappeared when I stepped out of sanctum for the first time.With a new character.

Yes its the only time i saw it.

[edit] Now im unsure if they where even there when i was in sanctum. As I don’t see them in this shot.

Ill try something in a few hours maybe me trying to change view angle did it? (Im completely guessing now)

I am guessing your previous character used the chat window, and left it in the expanded view. As mentioned, chat closing in expanded view does not allow the pinned objectives to be shown on screen. If you minimise the chat window before closing it, you should have no issues.

A simple fix for the devs would be that any closing of the chat window auto minimises too.

So you mean when i shut down the game a day before i left the chat open.
That that caused it… could be I don’t know.

@vdragon have tried several things now cant replicate it either.