DKMall: please, no camping spots to sell them (or selling or camping plots of any kind)

I don’t charge you for plots. Please don’t camp spots to sell them. And in general, please don’t camp spots if you’re not going to use them yourself in the short term.

The mall is a public service that involves a lot of work, I only ask that you be thoughtful of others. If everyone in boundless claimed a bunch of mall spots without using them, there could be no malls. Camping spots basically takes my hard work and turns it into profit for you, while simultaneously making the mall worse for everyone, which isn’t cool.

If too many people do this, I would have to turn on plot protection throughout the mall. I much prefer a trust-based system with open plotting. Camping spots is like buying all the Nintendo switches and reselling them for double, or worse! Don’t be that guy.

Thanks everyone!


People will be people. Sadly some people are douches.

Prophecies of ghandy. Chapter 1. Verse 1


Others art careless and some art trolls. Thou shan’t be like them.

Prophecies of Ghandy, Chapter 1, Verses 2-3


I love your mall, I don’t know why people would do this.

Just do plot protection. They were designed for this purpose. Its not about trust. Its about being in control of the malls future. Only my view and i have no malls. So I know nothing…:sweat_smile:


Respect thy neighbour and bestowe upon them the wealth that thee possess, whether it be coin or whether it be chiselling skills.

Seek their places of trade and fill their stands with thou gold.

Prophesies Chapter 4. Verse 1-4

I am aware this be getting a tad off topic :flushed:


Only losers camp spots

  • Shakespeare.
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yes leave dk alone there might still be a spot at the aquatopian embassy beckon
been pretty full since release day but you never know

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you loose alot off buisiness if stuff cant happen on the fly

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Ugh yes please stop the camping!! It hasn’t happened to me at DK but at other malls I’ve run into this problem and it makes no sense to me. Why would you snatch up expired spots at a mall you don’t own or manage, especially if you aren’t even going to use them OR sell them? Like how is it helpful for some random player to have a bunch of spots and then the mall owner has to tell people to go talk to that player and ask if they’d be willing to give it to you? It just delays everything and hurts commerce.

This is one of the reasons I chose DK mall to begin with, I could find a spot and open up shop immediately without waiting for a bunch of people to read my messages, refer me to someone else, and have the time to get in the game at the same time as me and give me the spot.

This is EXACTLY why I help out with Gyosha Mall… I grab the expired beacons and let @majorvex know then as players come looking for a spot they pm her and or myself and I give the lot (for free) to them…


this is also one off causes off dead town syndrome
you make town popular then campers come pick all good terrain near hub
leave it unused and by so making there land worthless because they nerfing the grow off the town
im glad we passed release and we now can start towns preplotted and protected thank god
i almost quit the game after getting depressed off it
sunkentown saved my boundless life thx @Wschichl and the aqua crew