DLC And Event Worlds

Zeathoros here to present the idea of Event, and DLC worlds and to see what the community’s response is to paying for additional non vanity content.

Please Note: A previous topic has suggested the idea of Event Worlds and can be found here

This can be broken down into three different types of wolrds.

  • Event

These are worlds that can only be accessed during a significant event or time of year. These worlds are available to anyone that owns the game and is online.
These should be worlds that are looked forward to by the community and greatly celebrated.
(Ex. A Halloween event world where you have to survive harsh conditions and fight off hordes of zombies)

  • Adventure worlds

It is important to note here that these worlds are DLC. These worlds offer set paths that a player must follow to complete a story/quest related to the lore of Oort. These worlds can not be modified by the player (if so, to a small degree) and offer a heavier RPG element to the game. To prevent content received from DLC worlds being given to players who have not participated in the adventure world, Items received through the adventure world are bound to the player that earned them and can not be traded/sold/given to other players.

Please let me know what your opinion is with paying for additional non-vanity content.


That’s a very good idea but who would build all those dlc/adventure worlds? The devs will have to hire a building team i guess. And a building team needs to get paid too :confused:

People design worlds for Oort all the time for free. Why not just keep the good ones to use for events?

but he wants adventure worlds. With a pre set path the player is supposed to follow :slight_smile: I assume such a world would require buildings

Ah. Maybe the good worlds can stand by, and a distinguished building team can help along? I see now where the paying problem comes into play with the hard work of players getting put into something that’s virtually free. Once the game gets bigger, the budget will definitely allow for bigger things.

A thought just occurred to me that they could have special software to build these worlds. Similar to the world builder but in finer detail (a level editor of sorts) and obviously this would be later on down the road. It’s pretty much an unspoken rule of game development that DLC isn’t offered till well after the final product has been released (Some games ignore this rule cough* Evolve cough*) so by then wonderstruck maybe could infact afford a level designer for these events.

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DLC’s could be a pack of new features, greater detail to some things, and with higher tiers :smiley:

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I like your idea with new worlds for special events and DLC Adventures but you always have to keep in mind that you have to reward the player for doing them (I know it is obvious and I probably didnt understand “non vanity content” :blush: )