Do Devs play Favorites in Boundless?

Is it even possible to lower the oort counts of permanent planets so that sov planet hunts always give more oort ?? I want to know if it’s pay to win / or whoever is a favorite just gets better oort count during their hunts ?

It goes by luck. If it were as you suggest, then they wouldn’t openly admit it.


If you hunt with a large group, you may get more oort.

The more meteors you go after, the more oort you will get.

Sometimes, you have to give your loot collector a few seconds to grab everything. If you run off too fast, you might miss out on some drops.

Sometimes I go to Merika by myself and farm meteors. I get about the same amount of oort as I do if I go with a group, but I usually only do it for an hour or so.

And no, the devs do not bestow any type of oort drop multiplier on certain players. Double check your luck skill to make sure it’s maxed.


Hunting on sovereigns give more Oort then permanent planets. Part of the draw of having sovereigns.


yeah that has been my experience too , ive been hunting for years on permanent planets and sov planets . you always seems to get more oort faster and you dont have to work so hard . even with platforms to move around faster then running / doing hunts are permanent planets requires more meteors than sov planets is my experience . The last recent weeks it seems that oort count on perm planets dropped even more .

It’s random. I’ve had anything from 3 to 14 Oort from solo hunting on Ceph Merika on a level 2 meteor. Sometimes if I’m hunting with my sister we can end up with as many as 20 to 30 Oort difference between us at the end of the hunt. RNG is a pain.

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Bah i dont hunt solo , i always hunt with a grp 10 + players - I hunt consistently every week . So if anything the oort counts would stay the same even with luck , i know all this . That is not the case im talking about though . the gap is wider than that it’s over 50 oort gap not a standard 20 to 30 .

I have a theory that there seem to be more meteors on sovereigns. Less outsiders triggering numerous regions before the hunt. If that’s the case… more oort per hunt makes sense


I highly doubt anything has changed in the last few weeks. But I’ve been on hundreds if not thousands of hunts over the 4 years of playing. And you will end up with more Oort everytime on sovereigns. Also more meteors spawn when you’re doing a running hunt over platforms.
The last hunt I did on a t3 sovereign(with GTG)
In just over 2 hours most people broke 500 Oort.


T3 is quiet boring people like danger and breeds excitement also only if you are running across zones , it’s not random , plus the way some groups hunt is unfriendly and undesirable to many players . you can still get alot of oort without being so cold and uncaring for the grps that like to play that way. it’s just not for the vast majority of players , people like Kindness and Respect over a monetary value .Most People Value Respect / Compassion / and integrity , more than monetary gain . many people play games to escape the rat race of real life , not to continue to replicate it in video games .

I Solo Hunt on T7 I roughly get 350 - 400 rough oort in 3 hours not that much I mainly hunt for the ichor but that’s alot of luck it ranges from 50-74 sometimes


Nice , why don’t you get a Tier 7 Hunt group together and i’ll join yall for some T7 :slight_smile:

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I’ve never had any problems with kindness or respect on hunts. Some hunts are more organized then others. If you get on voice in discord you’ll know exactly which meteor to go to next when multiple meteors fall. And which directions to run to hit the next region to spawn more meteors. Some people rush a lot more then others. And some people don’t like to run at all and do platform hunts. I prefer running myself as I find platforms boring and less lucrative. But everyone plays there own way.


I didn;t mean you personally , i was speaking in general .

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Also platforms are not boring , they are fast travel points , use them wisely and you can travel faster than anyone can run . Plus we can also trigger multiple zones faster than any runner . T3 that’s hella boring though , t3 is not were the Warriors want to be , facts . This is not a discussion or debate , i’m done with this argument because it’s not personal i’m speaking in general .

This is personal preference.

I only go for Oort. So t3 sovereigns running hunts are the best for Oort. Period. Obviously they are easy. And some people like yourself don’t like them. If you also want creature trophies and eyes then T6 is your best bet. I don’t need those as I’ll just bat my eyes a little and they’ll be given to me. Lol. I’m kind of a big deal if you don’t know. Hahaha. I kid. Just some food for thought. Meteors don’t just spawn from region centres.


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Whatever. Enjoy your hunts warrior! :v:


Hazard’s Hunt is Proof that Platform Hunts can trigger more zones than any classic run . If you never been to his Hunts there will be one tomorrow at 3pm EST . Everyone who goes to Hazard’s Hunts knows that you can;t even count the number of meteors that drop . they drop when people get to the platform , they drop when they are killing a meteor , and they even drop on top of us ike a meteor shower , like earlier today . a second meteor landed inside the conflict area people got killed . So right after we kill the meteor we are on . we are still have another meteor meters away from the other one to take down . Yep come to hazard’s Hunt a meteor might land on your heads while you are trying to take another out ;D