Do HUGE trees exist on any level 3 planet?


Like these enormous dark mustard trees on Arie.


Bruh, I’ve been looking, and I can’t say that there are any more mega-trees or mega-fruits.


I’m very sad. These trees are GORGEOUS.


I know, man. I know. Maybe on another planet later, eh? (Maybe my tree will have babies)


Apparently Alcyon has some massive trees. But that’s more for the landscape 'cause that’ll take many a chop.


Trior, is another one with massive trees, but it is placid (lvl 1).


Biitula has some areas with massive trees, and it’s T3


I live on Biitula and I don’t think I’ve seen massive trunks like the OP or on Trior. You sure?


Seems my memory has failed me; I went back and looked and the trees are tall and numerous, but not nearly as thick as the OP screenshot. Sorry for the false alarm!


I have so far only seen wonderful trees like those on Arie and Gellis


To OP- No, I don’t believe they exist. I was specifically looking for massive trees on a T3 as well for the sake of efficient bark and sap extraction, but didn’t see any.


The best u can do i guess for T3 is going to those arid areas with huge trunks lying on the ground. Easy to cut and enough wood for everyone


The Biitula trees might work decently for that, they’re thick enough for AoE tools and pretty densely packed. Here’s a screenshot from just a little ways outside the Etherean Woods:


Eh…they’re okay. I was using an AOE shovel the other day and it was inefficient against the thickness of these trees. Still better than a non AOE tool. But the tall redwoods of the the t1 worlds would’ve made it more efficient.