Do people still buy bricks?

Title says it all really. With marble being a lot cheaper now I’m guessing it makes sense use that or concrete for most builds.

I’m only asking as I have a very very large collection of sedi and igneous rock that I’m wondering what to do with and one thought was bricks. I used to sell them for 5c each and they sold well, is that still the case, or are they no longer in demand?

Well, I used to make tons of bricks myself, now I rarely do…

I have tons of ash, mud and compact clay which I’m not using :smiley:

Best bet would be to try and find a buyer who’s using them for a build… although some players may wander through and buy a few bricks.

I still buy bricks from time to time if I need an smallish amount to finish a project. I’d just stick them on on shop stand and see what happens.

Bricks are the poor man’s marble. Too many lines and orientation (besides sedi brick)

I like the meta brick a lot. It’s the closest thing that resembles real world bricks if you want to build something traditional.

Does everyone shun brick because it’s lower prestige or something? I think marble is nice but only as accent or for sculpture pieces. It looks terribly gaudy otherwise (to me at least)


At 5c I’d definitely buy some.
I use bricks in a lot of my builds.

i use alot of bricks actually and buy them from time to time . i could really care less about the prestige value .

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Ive always used a fair amount of brick in any of my builds. Orientation can be a pain though.

I reckon it might just be a supply and demand thing. Bricks are easy to make, so a lot of people sell them.

I’d say exo bricks are the way to go :slight_smile:

I use bricks with marble.


i use bricks with mosaic. nice feel to it

Bricks are awesome to use. I used to have 3/4s of my humble build in brick, but I’m stubborn and make everything myself unless I get really excited

I still buy and use bricks.

How ever. For now I don’t need to because i am ripping them out of my old build and re using them again. (Didn’t seam that much but boy how wrong i am).

We sell brick still and make around 100k a week from them at 7c each (I think may be 6c) guess it may kinda depend on location too

I haven’t sold then for a good while and to be fair haven’t sold much of anything as I moved location. Might be time to make some though as I have over 200 stands full of rocks from mining that are taking up too much space. Once they are gone I will be happy lol

I don’t but my bricks anymore, but I do buy the supplies to make them like mud, ash, and compact clay. perhaps you should look into it

Black bricks


I used to love bricks, but since the marble and Mosaic update I have not used bricks lol

Someone on here posted they are buying rocks at .5c each