Do you have a need for speed?!

Are you always in a hurry? Never enough time in the day, always trying to catch up? Spending seconds upon seconds trying to repair those extractor coils while you could spend that precious time lagging on the new aussie exo?!

Have no fear!

I have for sale 4 sapphire spanners, who will repair a fully coiled extractor by just glancing in it’s general direction!

With a blazing 50 (the max!) extra action speed and the max amount of wear removal, i’m not exaggerating when i say that these puppies will repair your fully used, fully coiled extractor, in under a second!

With some extra durability slapped on to a total of 2800, 1 of these will last you a long time!

Value your time. Buy 1 now, for only 8k coins, hand-delivered to you.

Only 4 left, act now and make extractor-repair a breeze!