Do you have a portal in syms in ultima?



Simply Sym’s in ultima has been sold and it’s under new management.
If anyone has any portals could you change the sign on your side to “Meteor Meet”
Thank you.


gz on new buy…great location
blaze, Lake


Thank you @catfud


I’ll be jumping in-game shortly and I’ll get it done. Congrats on the new acquisition!

EDIT: It’s Done. :slight_smile:


What happens with your sky mall and shop? Have to say, that place was besides your own store not all that much :wink:

Now take over DK’s place and I might keep my portal there open!

Funny anecdote: in the beginning I thought Sym’s and DK’s were one shop! Always find it odd that some baskets were there twice, lol!


Grandpa’s nirvana changed.
Congratulations for taking over :slight_smile:
Exited to see how it will evolve :slight_smile:


They is some big changes coming very soon.
I’m excited :laughing:


some changes have definitely occurred


They have indeed. Like my portal being shut down without warning. And by the looks of it, I’m sure I’m not the only one.


EDIT: Went to try and talk to Jacey about it and got agro from 2 other players. All I tried to say was that I couldn’t afford to keep opening portals as this is the second time I’ve had to reopen a portal that Jacey has asked me to shut down so he could move it.

One of them tried to accuse me of letting the portal run out of oort and obviously had no idea what they were talking about. I said to them that I was trying to talk to Jacey about it and not them. They ran up and said, “Who the **** you talking to?” and continued to interfere along with one of their cronies… Quite rude!

Oh and, turns out that the one who said that was one of Ultima Management members?! Yea, nice management you got there guys! Real Nice.

It’s been a ■■■■ day. I’m done!

EDIT2: I just want to make it clear that I hold no hard feelings toward you @JaceyLive . My problem here is with the other 2 who quite rudely interfered when we were trying to sort things out.

My only other problem is that the portal was shut down without warning. A little heads-up would have been nice as I’m running out of shards right now and need to get out on a hunt or 2. If I’d known that the portal was going to be shut down, I could have done that sooner rather than later in preparation. (I’ve quite a few portals to run).

But like I said, no hard feelings against you, dude. :slight_smile:


Again I’m sorry about that, I did pop my head in all portals to see if the owners were there and none were online. Unfortunately time zones makes it a lot harder for me to see people. I’m in the UK and I don’t think many people who had portals in syms was on at that given time. It took me over 12 hours to get finished with the build, due to the servers going down multiple times throughout the day and along with me having a few breaks for food and other things.
Again I’m sorry that the portal got shut down but I don’t believe it requires a post to be made. Just simply message me on discord and we can chat about it.


Also, they wasn’t no other management there from ultima. I think it was because I’m management that they said that. Might of been took a little out of context


It’s all good. I understand where you’re coming from and timezones can be a pain. And I understand that you really wanted to get the work done. It looks great so far btw and I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s complete. Anyway, like I said. It’s all good. Water under the bridge on that note.

As for the other thing. I agree the context may have been an issue. However, one of the 2 players had their name on the Sign with the list of Ultima Management Members. Management are supposed to lead by example. Not get into another players face and business and be extremely rude about it.

But that issue is not to be reflected upon you, dude. You had no part in that and therefore are not at any blame. :slight_smile:


When sym has previously made changes, a big sign was put up warning for portal owners 24 or 48 hours before they occurred. Seen that happen at a couple of other small hubs and always appreciate the attempt at a heads up.
Have a couple of people connect to my small shop and greatly appreciate the effort and cost, on their end, made to do so.


Okay, what’s done is done. I’ve apologised for closing peoples portals without warning. I don’t think we need to continue going on about it. I’ve acknowledged that it’s upset people etc and I’ve apologised numerous times. Not much more I can do really


Where did @Symonator move? :thinking:


I quit for now for a couple of personal reasons outside of the game.
Didn’t want the plots to sit wasting away for 66 weeks of gleam club :stuck_out_tongue:
So i was offered some coin so i took it, at least in the future if i return i can buy some things i’ll need.
I’m also building my i7 9900k with rtx 2080 ti so i’ll probably be back at some point.

Thanks to all who supported my shop selling, buying and renting portals.
@JaceyLive now owns it, it should be all good, i heard it might turn into a hunting shop/meeting area.


But to who am I going to sell my diamonds to now? :cry: Jk, all the best to you :+1:

I am just worried my portals gotta move too.


Ive turned it into a meeting place for hunts with a personal shop and portals above. We had our first meet there last night which went great. Again thank you @Symonator when you are back if you need anything just pop by