Do your alts share a cubit pool?

If they don’t, that makes skill sets more attractive for builders because of the ability to add more lots, right?

If they do, SHOULD you main buy all the lots?

They don’t share cubits, although unlocking more alts with your alts does work.

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Is there a max number of alts?

I believe it is 10. I have seen others say that.


Thanks. That could be handy…

Can you delete alts?

Do they share credits?

You can delete alts… everything is toon based with the exception of buying an alt

They don’t share cubits but it is possible to transfer the in game coin between them

How do you transfer coin?

Set up a request basket.

Add a very expensive item. Set price to 1c and add all your coins as budget.

Come back with your other char and reduce the Budget to 0.


  • both chars need full beacons rights to do this.

This sounds like exploit. Not sure it is intended to trade coins between alts.

Well I hope its not, because if they implement some blocking mechanics to prevent coins from flowing between alts, I’ll have trouble to run my shop because I buy, sell and craft with 3 different Characters.

as is you dont even need to add an item…leave it empty and just modify the budget, i have my main and alts combine footfall this way to pay for oort to keep my portal open w/o needing to hunt


Oh good to know, I have never actively transferred money this way. I just found it out by maintaining my shop-stands and request baskets with multiple alts.

Not really an issue that you can transfer money between alts this way as long as people can trade coins you could just use a second party if it wasn’t possible. Would be nice to have an officially supported mechanism for it though. Maybe a vault? :slight_smile:


It’s not an exploit. If it wasn’t intended, you could just as easily circumvent it by passing all you coin to a friend and back again.

You don’t get a great deal of coin in very early game, so any potenential gains in farming coins with alts is negligible.

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